Rediscovering Ayurveda x Deepa Thukral

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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Deepa Thukral.

Meet Deepa Thukral

Deepa is a Yoga Practitioner & Instructor based out of Mumbai. Having dealt with several ailments and sicknesses earlier in her life, she decided to pursue Yoga with the hope of finding a sustainable solution. Her experience with Yoga and natural living has changed her life and she hopes to share the benefits of this divine philosophy with people around her!

“Since childhood, I suffered from stomach-related issues. Acidity, heartburn, IBS, etc., took a massive toll on my health. No medicines could help me for long,” begins Deepa recalling her quest for a treatment that could help sustain her good health. Later, in her mid-twenties, a famous gastroenterologist recommended her to practice Yoga to maintain gut health. It is then that she took to Yoga practice and has never looked back since.

Going Beyond the Asanas

For Deepa, Yoga is a way of life. However, she only understood this when she enrolled for the Teachers’ Training Course at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai. Until then, she considered Yoga synonymous with asanas. Although she always felt that there was something more to just asanas, what really changed her mindset was her experiences at the institute. This, she says, helped her learn Yoga in detail. She is now more disciplined, and mindful, too.

“I am in awareness of my thoughts, words, and actions. It helps me in maintaining a balance in life. My own experience has kept me motivated on this path. No lessons, books, or even classes for that matter, can help as much as what one experiences first hand.”

In her daily routine, Deepa strives to strike a balance between being a householder and a Yoga Sadhaka. She awakes at the strike of dawn and ensures to spend a few minutes in solitude before delving into her early morning teaching classes. After the classes, she catches up on the household chores and makes notes for lectures. Her evenings are spent either at the Institute or at the classes or with family and friends. Since she prefers cooking by herself, her meals are mostly Saavik (organic) and nutritive. I do not believe in starving or dieting but one must practice moderation and that includes sweets too, adds Deepa.

A Keen Observer

In the current times, people all around are always looking for something to entertain them. It may not necessarily have an element of substance. But people seem to be obsessed with keeping themselves occupied while consuming food which is unhealthy for the body. We ask her what are her three favorite healthy habits that she practices regularly, to which she tells us how she relishes eating meals without the distraction of technology which helps her become more mindful of her eating habits and patterns. Deepa also sits in sukhasana for 10 minutes every day and tries to be observant of her breath.

“I have not studied Ayurveda in detail but I do believe that both are interrelated. By practicing one of them, one naturally tends to follow the other, too. Awareness of both Yoga & Ayurveda can be increased by self-practice and also sharing their benefits with others. When you practice and reap the benefits, it is reflected in your life, and that is certainly observed by others.”

A Sustainable Lifestyle

Yoga is a must in this day and age than ever before. The present lifestyle is very demanding and stressful. And to cope with the hustle-bustle of this fact-paced routine, we need a practice that will help us slow down, pause and connect with the self and the Universe. Living without awareness is so untamed and wild and leads to physical and mental imbalances. Yogic lifestyle along with Ayurveda will help one to sustain overall wellbeing and experience life to the fullest, exclaims Deepa.

Her message for the Yoga & Ayurveda enthusiasts is – “Sync with nature. Life will flow naturally.”

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