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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Dr. Pranita Pawar.

Pranita is an Ayurvedic Doctor who strongly believes that she was destined to be a healer. She describes herself as a wanderer and warrior with a rich and vast practice of Ayurveda of over six years. Ayurveda is a philosophy known to bring changes not only in the physical attributes and habits of a person but also in the mind and soul. And Pranita knows – there is no other thing that could possibly satisfy her as her devotion to the Ayurvedic principles.

It is commonly believed that people who cure can never fall sick. And wrongly so. Pranita recollects the time when she was diagnosed with depression and suffered from dual mind, depletion and low self-esteem during her Ayurvedic studies. She was shocked to the core realizing that despite possessing the knowledge about the healing powers of Ayurveda, she couldn’t help herself. In pain and suffering, Pranita decided to opt for Ayurveda based healing programs that helped her find her sense of self back.

“I was in so much pain earlier, but after taking the programs, I felt reborn. Today I feel immense confidence and possess strong self-esteem. I am proud to say that my health is back on track and I feel blessed for the support Ayurveda has provided me with.”

Having witnessed several people suffer from chronic health conditions and confusion regarding which medications to take, Pranita believes it is her duty to help people by introducing them to Ayurveda. “When I prescribe Ayurvedic treatments to my patients and they see positive results, they extend their gratitude and bless me with happiness and health,” she says. This sense of satisfaction is what keeps Pranita going.

Along with being an Ayurvedic doctor, Pranita also extends consultancy services to several agencies which involves immense labor on both physical and mental aspects. This is why she believes in the process of detoxification which she carries out Panchakarma (a fivefold detoxification treatment) to get rid of all the negative energies that she encounters in lieu of her profession. 

“My day usually constitutes a simple routine involving a session of Yoga and Meditation, eating healthy and organic fruits, drinking adequate water and a full night’s sleep and of course, lots of work at my clinic.”

Early mornings are considered to be the ideal time to perform asanas as the Agni (digestive & metabolic process) is the most active during that time. From 5 AM to 6 AM, the vibrations of the human body are extremely positive so performing any physical activity becomes all the more fruitful. "Waking up late is also one of the reasons people suffer from digestion related problems as they ignore the Agni within their bodies which disturbs the consumption cycle," she adds.

Pranita likes to take care of herself by performing Abhyanga (oil massage) monthly or as per her need. She believes Yoga, Ahar, and Nidra are the pillars of a healthy life. According to her, to perform Yoga and Meditation regularly can help in increasing energy and improving metabolism. It is important to eat well and wisely only when one is hungry without any distraction and the intake of water much always be adequate. One must sleep well especially if they engage in physical labor or work and only have habits that their body can support and sustain.

“Ayurveda and Yoga are two pages of the same book. There is not much difference in these philosophies are they are both aimed at the betterment of life and developing perspectives that the materialistic world seldom provides.”

The awareness regarding both Yoga and Ayurveda can be spread by creating spaces and online presence and social media is the best tool to reach large audiences. Other than that, Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners can also provide public lectures and workshops to enlighten the public about the benefits of this organic lifestyle, says Pranita.

In her concluding remarks, Pranita opines that Ayurvedic lifestyle is the only solution in the world that has no side effects. Humans are suffering from unwanted stress, climate change, lifestyle disorders and whatnot. Ayurveda can help in bringing tremendous changes to the mind, body, and soul. It helps in relaxing the nervous system, release deep-seated physical, mental, and emotional toxins and trauma. It nurtures and nourishes the tissue system and provides a sense of grounding. In times like the present when deadly diseases like the coronavirus are spreading rather rapidly, it becomes a matter of absolute importance to keep your immune system healthy and strong and Ayurveda can certainly help you do that.

Pranita has a message for all Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners –

“Good health is a choice. Step up to the challenge of health and believe in yourself. Do what it takes to be healthy as per the need of your body. Let us heal our own negativity and enlighten our minds with the light of our own soul.”

From Amrutam’s list of Ayurvedic products, Pranita would love to try the Amrutam Self-Love Gift Box which she says – looks attractive, nurturing and helpful!

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