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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series we interviewed Isha Lall.

In a world that runs at a faster-than-light pace, to pause, breathe and move with a sense of direction is surely an indulgence not everyone gets to experience and Isha is a brilliant example of someone who knows the depth of her thoughts and moves forward with confidence and certainty.

She describes herself as a driven and motivated individual who is keen on learning more about and understand the elements of nature. Growing up, she had always been a sporty kid and absolutely loved an active lifestyle. However, she realized that as we grow up, we tend to lose the essence of living mindfully because we feel forced to enter the modern tech world. Having worked as a Software Engineer and Quality Analyst for over four years, Isha realized that this life was certainly not for her. She did not resonate well with the madness and burdening routine of the corporate world. And hence, to leave a well settled job for learn more about your inner self was surely a laudable decision!

“After four years of constant staring at the screen and clicking keys relentlessly, I realized I had become extremely unaware of my own body. I was inundated with heavy stress and was in desperate need for human interaction and introspection.”

From there on, it was a conscious call and indeed a thoughtful decision to understand my roots and elements of nature, of human body at a very physical, mental and spiritual level, she admits.

Entering the world of Yoga and healthy lifestyle came very naturally to her as growing up she had seen her mother practice Yoga and Pranayama religiously. Summer breaks were a period of healthy indulgence for Isha where she along with her cousins would practice Asanas with her mother.

“I always enjoyed Yoga as it gave me an exhilarating rush. After adopting Yoga and Ayurveda in my lifestyle, my body felt miraculous. I have begun to feel younger than my age. Not just my body, my mind is at ease, too.”

In the millennial age, people get easily hooked to drugs and intoxicants because they feel it gives them a certain kind of high or helps them forget their worries. Isha is certainly an exception in this case as she confesses that the Yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle gives her a high and makes her feel awesome! “Once you get the real taste of living blissfully, there is no turning back”, she tells us. This state of feeling rejuvenated is what keeps her motivated to do what she does.

We ask Isha to describe what a day in her life looks like to which she says she prefers to wake up early in the morning. Extending her gratitude to the Universe is how she likes to begin her day which is followed by drinking lukewarm water and a warm cup of ginger and saffron tea. Confident and poised, she feels ready to take over the day only after performing a set of Yoga and Pranayama practices.

“A few Yoga and meditation classes that I take are the highlight of my day. I prefer simple home-cooked meals, fruits that keep my body and mind healthy. Reading and meditation before sleeping and taking a full-night’s sleep is basically what constitutes my day.”

A lover of simple yet mindful lifestyle, Isha surely has a set of her favourite habits that are inspired by the Ayurvedic philosophy.

  1. Starting the day with lukewarm water with lemon or honey.
  2. Performing a set of breathing practices or Pranayamas on an empty stomach.
  3. Eating an early light meal at night.

On the question of how Ayurveda and Yoga relate to one another, she believes that Yoga is just the physical visual aspect but in order to see and feel its magic work, Ayurvedic principles need to be aligned with a person’s daily routine.

“Ayurveda simply adds more life to Yoga. Ideally good health depends on a delicate balance of mind, body and soul and I think Yoga and Ayurveda together bring this harmony.”

Social media can prove to be a great way to promote awareness about these philosophies, says Isha. She suggests that hospitals, too, should have a separate section specifically dedicated to Yoga and Ayurveda and should work on promoting holistic healing.

The contemporary world is a world of amenities, fast lifestyle where a moment to think and reflect upon yourself seems like an oblivious concept. Processed foods and stressful job profiles result in increase in chronic and psychosomatic diseases. With Yoga and Ayurveda, one learns to take a moment to settle and the mind. One also learns to eat well thus avoiding all the diseases. To alleviate such illnesses and promote good health, these divine principles are significantly essential, she concludes.

When asked about what message she has for natural lifestyle enthusiasts, she says:

“I strongly recommend you – keep following this beautiful path which is aligned to the external and internal cosmos and keep promoting it among your peers across the world.”

From Amrutam’s holistic set of products, Isha is excited to try the Kuntal Care Hair Spa given her love for her hair. Anything that makes it healthier and happier and helps in relaxing her mind is a big yes from her!

At Amrutam, we take pride in having Isha as part of our #AmrutamFamily!





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