Rediscovering Ayurveda x Namita Chandra Piparaiya

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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Namita Chandra Piparaiya.

Meet Namita Chandra Piparaiya

Namita is an international Yoga Instructor and Ayurveda Practitioner who is relentlessly passionate about helping people be in touch with their inner selves. Having found Yoga & Ayurveda not long ago, Namita organizes and engages in several retreats and workshops across the world every now and then! Hers is a story of resilience and self-discovery, let’s learn more about her!

Reminiscing her journey, Namita tells us how she discovered Ayurveda through Yoga. What started as a way to counter the stress of daily life, soon became an indispensable part of Namita’s routine. The impact of Yoga was much more profound than I had expected, she says. Her curiosity led her to study the Yogic Philosophy in-depth and the complementary sciences of Ayurveda. This helped her understand why Yoga was practiced and Ayurveda helped her discover how it would be incorporated in the correct and proper manner in our lives.

Ayurveda as an Enhancer of Benefits

What drew Namita to Ayurveda was its ability to supplement as well as enhance the benefits of Yoga. Both Yoga & Ayurveda are sister sciences and together they become even more powerful in the impact they can have on our body and mind. With Ayurveda, Namita could finally restructure her lifestyle and Yoga practice in a way that was conducive to her personality type.

“Earlier I would struggle because I was trying my hand at anything and everything that the trending in the market. But with Ayurveda, I understood not everything works for everyone. All of us are unique in our temperament as well as physicality. And thus, began the journey of using Ayurvedic principles to discover what was right for me.”

Namita loves to include fruits in her routine as it helps her balance excess pitta. Earlier, she would begin her day with a warm herbal drink that would leave her sweaty and hyper and then she would follow it up with an intense exercise routine. After realizing how it didn’t really work for her, she switched her routine and began her day with plain water instead of warm, followed by a small piece of sweet fruit. It has made a tremendous difference to my morning temperament as well as exercise capacity, she says.

Adapting to Change

Similarly, Namita was immensely fond of sweet flower-based drinks but would avoid them due to excess sugar. Ayurveda helped her understand that she had a natural affinity for these drinks due to the flower component. So, to fulfill her cravings and avoid excess sugar, Namita decided to buy dried rose petals and now uses them in her kitchen often. She adds, “I even make infusions with them which not only allows me to control the sugar element but also provides me the benefits of a refreshing drink!”

“I think awareness about Ayurveda & Yoga can by spread by talking and writing more about it. That can be done by creating opportunities for people to learn by practicing in classes, retreats, and workshops!”

Ayurveda has also helped her understand the importance of aligning her Yoga practice with seasons and temperament rather than forcing herself into a set template. She now realizes how doing a very heating practice in summers does not serve one well. She uses this learning to promote better physical as well as mental health for herself and her students!

Practice in Moderation

Namita believes that Ayurveda is a holistic method. It looks at a person as a whole. Not as a problem or issue in isolation. Most of all, it understands that mental and physical health are separate but closely linked. And since gaining control over these both aspects of human health is challenging, Ayurveda can certainly help us get a hold of them both simultaneously!

Namita has a message for all the Ayurveda and Yoga practitioners:

“It is important to practice moderation. This aspect is often ignored, and we tend to become extreme or rather rigid about our beliefs and sets of practices. Be welcoming to all, no matter what their belief.”

From Amrutam’s list of holistic products, Namita is excited to try the Brainkey Gold Malt!

At Amrutam, we take pride in having Namita as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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