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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Shani Dayal.

Meet Shani Dayal

Shani is an Architect & Yoga Practitioner. She also runs a design studio titled Elementa Designs. Having found Yoga in her life early on, she decided to take it a notch up by enrolling herself in a Teachers Training Course. Healthy living has become her passion and to spread the word about it is her life’s motto!

When Shani was young, her father would take her to Yoga classes which were her first encounter with Yoga. However, four years ago, when Shani started working professionally, she realized she was getting off-track. Her eyes would dry up from constant staring at the screens and the work-life led to a whole set of problems.

Gravitating against the Odds

“I always say that I didn’t find Yoga, in fact, it found me. I cannot pinpoint a moment in life when I decided to have a healthier lifestyle because, for me, it was really a process,” begins Shani recalling how she began with her journey of Yoga. The more she indulged, the more drawn and inclined she felt towards this magical philosophy. She pursued Yoga with the intent of gaining strength and flexibility through asanas, but eventually, it became an integral part of maintaining her health and lifestyle.

Over the course of her practice, Shani has become more conscious of her sense of self and her surroundings. Like most Yoga Practitioners, Shani too has developed a wider and more open perspective. “It has changed – how I look at things, and how I live as a whole,” she adds. She proudly admits to practicing Yoga for her mental and physical well-being. Simply moving on your mat can do wonders and easily uplift your mood!

“I usually try to wake up as early as possible to do my practice which lasts for about 60-90 minutes. This is followed by me taking Yoga sessions in my studio. My work-routine begins when I get busy with my office work. I try to squeeze in a quick stretch routine in the evening whenever I get time. And retire early to bed.”

Balance of Body, Mind, & Spirit

Yoga, for Shani, is not just asana practice. For her, as she says, it is a way of living that includes conscious living and keeping the mind and body healthy. She believes Ayurveda and Yoga complement each other to help keep the delicate balance of mind, body, and spirit. To ensure that she makes the most of her passionate will to stay healthy and fresh, Shani tries to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Although that does not mean she does is so unwillingly, because incidentally, she loves eating a lot of healthy things, too!

A lover of symmetry and designs, Shani emphasizes the need to practice regularly and trying to stick to nature. She recommends using homemade masks or cleansers whenever possible and drinking water from a copper bottle. This, she especially suggests, since copper is known to have magical benefits of enhancing immunity and aiding digestions.

Adapting to Changes

“In modern times, our stress levels are increasing rapidly. There is pressure at work, the constant race to earn a living, getting delusional with gadgets and what not! Today it is supremely important to inculcate the practices of Yoga & Ayurveda to improve the quality of our lives!”

Inspired by a healthy lifestyle, she has also quit eating meat and become a vegetarian now. During our conversation, she tells us how quitting meat has worked wonders for her. “Even a 10-minute-long routine will change the way you look at the day that lies ahead of you,” adds Shani.

“My message to all the Yoga & Ayurveda enthusiasts would be to be vigilant about your priorities. Never take your health and well-being for granted. Spread this holistic way of living as much as you can – to benefit yourself as well as the society!”

Shani is excited to try the Kuntal Care DIY Hair Spa from our list of holistic products!

At Amrutam, we are proud to have Shani as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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