Learn about mental health, the factors that affect it, Ayurveda's view on it and more

14 % of Indians suffer from variations of mental health disorders

Due to the unawareness and stigma around Mental Health Disorders till this day a lot of such cases go unnoticed

Now, what is Mental Health?

Our mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are affected by it. It also influences how we handle stress, interacts with others, and make decisions.

Factors affecting Mental Health

There are various factors that can affect a person based on their environment, culture and more

Concept of Mental Health in Ayurveda

With its holistic approach and perspective, Ayurveda looks at the human personality as a composite whole consisting of the body, mind, and self. Even in the normal course of treatment, Ayurveda seeks to restore not only physical health but also mental health. Indeed, Ayurveda emphasizes that mental imbalances are the root cause of many illnesses.

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I started eating Brainkey Malt way back in September 2018. I remember it apt because I have been eating it almost regularly since then. It helps me with my anxiety but I’ll give it FULL CREDIT for my sleep cycle. Improvements in quality of my sleep has been tremendous. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s working on their mental health. Consume this along with your professional therapy/consultancy. It helps a lot. It has helped me a lot.

Gopi Vadsak | February 3, 2021

I have been using this products for almost a month now and I can see the results of it. The Brainkey Gold malt was helpful in relieving mental fatigue and stress issues. It was helpful in anxiety control. And it has helped in so many other ways too.

Riya shah | October 2, 2020


Keeping in mind the rollercoaster that one goes through these times, we at Amrutam curated a podcast to help you understand these emotions a little bit better.

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Facts & Myths

Myth: People with a mental illness are dangerous

Fact: This false perception underlies some of the most damaging stereotypes for people with mental illness. People with a mental illness are seldom dangerous. Even people with the most severe mental illness, whose symptoms may cause them to act in bizarre or unusual ways, are rarely dangerous.

Myth: Mental health problems are a sign of weakness

Fact: Mental health disorders are illnesses, not character flaws. Similar to diabetes or psoriasis, people with depression cannot simply snap out of it.

Myth: Only people without friends need therapists

Fact: A structured talking therapy differs greatly from a conversation with a friend. People with mental illness can benefit from both, but a trained therapist can address issues constructively and in ways that even the best friends cannot.

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