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Amrutam Dhoop Box | Spring Special

Rs. 120.00

Size: 16 Incense Sticks

16 Incense Sticks
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Amrutam Dhoop Cones are herbal incense sticks made with organic homegrown ingredients like Chandan Powder, Kapoor Kachhari, Jatamansi, Lemongrass, Neem, and Elaichi. The divine fragrance stimulates our mind, improves concentration and empowers spiritual focus. Be it traditional pooja, meditation, or study session, Amrutam Dhoop Cones are just PERFECT to use!

Primary Benefits Calms the Nervous System, Helpful with Headaches, Elevates the Mood, and Improves Focus. It can be used in Rites and Religious Rituals as well. 
Secondary Benefits Creates a Soothing and Relaxing Environment, Kills Germs and Harmful Bacteria 
As and when required
Primary Ingredients Chandan Powder, Kapoor Kacchari, Jatamansi, Lemongrass, Elaichi
Duration Lifetime
For Best Results, use it with
Amrutam Raahukey Oil for Puja


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Why choose Amrutam Dhoop Box | Spring Special?

● Adorn your pooja with Amrutam Dhoop Cones with divine fragrance.
● Made with natural and organic ingredients that lead to zero-waste.
● Stimulates the mind and calms the nervous system.
● Improves concentration, memory and focus.


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