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Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle Book

Ayurveda Lifestyle | The Beginning Book

From Rs. 100.00
● Amrutam’s Ayurveda Lifestyle is a perfect guide designed by Team Amrutam for healthy living enthusiasts who wish to embark on the journey of Ayurveda for holistic well-being. ● From...
Amrutam’s Kumkumadi Oil

Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil | Ayurvedic Recipe for Skin Radiance

From Rs. 1,699.00
 Amrutam Kumkumadi oil is a MUST-HAVE for your skincare routine! Primary Benefits Healthy Glowing Skin Radiance, Boosts Blood Circulation, Prevents Pigmentation Secondary Benefits Reverses Signs of Ageing, Aids in Sun Tan and...
Amrutam's Anar Sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Extracts Of Anar | Pomegranate Juice

Rs. 349.00
Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat with extracts of Anar is rich in antioxidants, vitamins K and C, copper, zinc, potassium and iron. This refreshing and flavorsome beverage can be consumed in summer to...
Amrutam's Amla Sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Extracts Of Amla | Indian Gooseberry

Rs. 349.00
Amrutam Ayurvedic Amla Sharbat contains the goodness of Brahmi, Bael Phal, and Giloy extracts, making it an awesome natural coolant and appetizer!  Primary Benefits Rich in Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins and Minerals,...
Amrutam Wellness Journal

Amrutam Wellness Journal | Undated Planner

Rs. 1,749.00
● Everyday we find ourselves too busy to stop and take a breath or to check in with ourselves. “How do I feel today?”, “What are my top goals for...
Ayurvedic Travel Essentials | Luxury Gift Bag by Amrutam

Ayurvedic Travel Essentials | Luxury Gift Bag by Amrutam

Rs. 1,999.00
This Ayurvedic Travel Essentials Luxury Gift Bag contains authentic recipes for your hair, skin and health so you can travel without fuss!● Primary Benefits: Lightweight and Easy to Carry Ayurvedic...
kacha aam ka sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Extracts Of Kacha Aam | Raw Mango

Rs. 349.00
Drinking Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat with extracts of Kacha Aam is the most tasteful way to restore essential minerals and electrolyte concentrations. Kacha Aam is an excellent source of antioxidants, Vitamin...
Amrutam's Ayurvedic Falsa Sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Falsa

Rs. 499.00
Falsa or Phalse is a summer fruit with a sweet and sour flavour and is locally grown in South Asia. It has rich reserves of iron, vital in maintaining an ideal blood flow...
Amrutam Chandan

Amrutam Chandan

Rs. 549.00
Amrutam Chandan is an authentic Ayurvedic recipe filled with the richness of Sandalwood, Kesar and Rose Attar. This potent blend calms the nervous system and re-activates the minor chakras of...
Personal Care Travel Pack

Personal Care Travel Pack

Rs. 630.00Rs. 598.50
Travel-friendly ayurvedic recipes for your hair and skin!● Primary Benefits: Deep Cleansing, Reverses Dry and Dull Skin, Soothes Inflammation, Improves Texture, Tightens Pores, Hydrates the Skin, Manages Dry and Frizzy...
Handmade Coconut Shell Bowl

Handmade Coconut Shell Bowl

Rs. 199.00
How To Use Use these 100% natural Coconut Shell bowls to eat salads, ice cream or cereals.  You can pour hair oil or make a face mask in Amrutam’s Handmade...
Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat Basket

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat Basket

Rs. 1,047.00Rs. 994.65
Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat Basket contains three delicious authentic sharbats extracted from the fruits of Amla, Anar and Kaccha Aam.  ● Primary Benefits: Rich in Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins K and C, Copper,...
Amrutam Chandan And Poshak Key Oil Combo

Amrutam Chandan And Poshak Key Oil Combo

Rs. 848.00
This combo contains Amrutam Chandan and Poshak Key Oil. Made with herbs prescribed in the Vedas, this combo repairs damaged skin, heals wounds and provides nourishment to the body. ● Primary Benefits:...
Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle | Introductory Kit

Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle | Introductory Kit

Rs. 4,417.97Rs. 4,241.25
This Ayurveda Lifestyle Kit by Amrutam is the perfect way to get introduced to Ayurvedic practices and recipes. Made with herbs prescribed in the Vedas, this kit contains Ayurveda Lifestyle: The...
Amrutam Puja Basket

Amrutam Puja Basket

Rs. 1,159.00Rs. 1,101.05
This combo contains Raahukey Oil for Puja, Amrutam Dhoop Cones and Chandan for your Puja Rituals.  ● Primary Benefits: Creates a Positive Environment, Attracts Good Energy, Balances Tridoshas, Calms the Nervous...

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