Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt
Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt
Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt
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Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt | A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity

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Amrutam’s Brainkey Gold Malt is a crafted blend of Ayurvedic herbs, a game-changer for building mental immunity.

Primary Benefits Improves the Sleep Cycle, Improves Memory and Concentration, and Heals Chronic Headaches
Secondary Benefits Helpful with Stress, Reduces Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
Dosage Twice a day on an empty stomach
Primary Ingredients Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Ashwagandha
Duration 3-6 months minimum
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Why choose Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt | A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity?

● Amrutam’s Brainkey Malt is a herbal jam that’s beneficial in the treatment of anxiety disorders and mental fatigue.
● It’s a 100% natural and safe way to boost your mental strength, fight stress, improve concentration and enhance your memory.
● Brahmi improves IQ levels, as well as behavioural patterns and mental concentration in children. It is also a key factor in treating vertigo, anxiety, headache, psycholepsy, and age-related memory loss. It has anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties to improve memory.
● Shankhpushpi is considered one of the best Medhya Rasayanas (a group of medicinal plants in Ayurveda) that strengthens the mind and builds mental immunity. Its properties are beneficial in balancing the three doshas.
● Jatamansi is known as a calming herb in Ayurveda that improves learning and memory, besides providing vitality, vigour and strength to the body. The herb has the power to reduce stress and anxiety and is effective in treating insomnia. It is used in strengthening the nervous system and is also beneficial in clearing Pitta, calming Vatta and reducing Kapha.
● Ashwagandha has anti-ageing properties that reverses ageing and improves overall health.

● 100% Natural and Ayurvedic
● PETA certified cruelty-free
● Hand-picked and ethically sourced ingredients
● AYUSH certified and US FDA approved

What is Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt | A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity made of?

Key Ingredients (Each 10g contains)

Shankh pushpi 500 mg, Brahmi 500 mg, Jatamansi 150 mg, Ashwagandha 200 mg, Gullkand 1000 mg, Harad 500 mg, Bach 100 mg, Badam giri 10 mg, Khus 40 mg, Malkangni 50 mg, Amla murbba 2000 mg, Sarpgandha 50 mg, Kusa 50 mg, Puner -nava 50 mg, Smrati sagar ras 10 mg, Nag bhasm 5 mg , Jawahar mohara (swarn yukt) 1 mg, Swarn bhasm 1 mcg, Hysteria nasak churn 100 mg, Kushmandavleh 800 mg, Sugar and malt base Q.S.

Textbook Name: Bhav Prakash Nighantu

How to use Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt | A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity?

● Mix one or two tablespoons (10 - 20gms) of Ayurvedic Malt with milk or warm water and then consume twice a day or consult an Ayurvedic expert at to find the right Ayurvedic recipe for yourself.
● Try this recipe with Brainkey Tablets for experiencing the magic!
● Brainkey Gold Malt is not advisable for diabetic patients.

Who should be using Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt | A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity?

Amrutam's Brainkey Gold Malt is suitable for those looking to fight stress, improve their immune system, soothe gastric ulcers, treat irritable bowel syndrome, and relieve inflammatory conditions.

● Gender: All
● Age: All
● Dosha Type: Tridosha
● Season: All seasons
● Minimum Consumption Period: 3-6 months

General Instructions

● Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
● Not advisable for diabetic patients.
● Diabetic patients can opt for Brainkey Tablet.


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As per Ayurveda, the world comprises the five elements of nature: fire, water, space, earth and air.

Also known as the Panchamahabhutas, they are present in the human body in the form of three Doshas: Vata, Kapha and Pitta.
The Doshas influence physical traits, mental qualities, emotional attributes and more. An imbalance in the Doshas can lead to serious health concerns.

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pritam sisodia

Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt | A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity


Great product for calming down your senses and helps you cope with stress.


Reduces stress, boosts your memory. Worth giving a try


so effective!


This product is awesome , calm you down and releive stress .THUMBS UP ??