Handmade Coconut Shell Bowl

Rs. 199.00
How To Use
  • Use these 100% natural Coconut Shell bowls to eat salads, ice cream or cereals. 
  • You can pour hair oil or make a face mask in Amrutam’s Handmade Coconut Shell Bowl and apply it on your hair and face, respectively. 
  • Unlike many other materials used in bowls, these nature-friendly bowls made from coconut shells return to nature after use. They do not pollute the environment.
  • Since the handmade bowls are made from unwanted coconut shells, they will add no waste to landfills or harm the wildlife.
  • Made out of coconut shells, these natural bowls are long-lasting and sturdy.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sharda khanna

It’s too small and also a lil overpriced as per the size. I am a little disappointed with this product.


Recyclable and esthestic. The bowl is smoothly polishes without any rough edges. Great to use.


Great alternative to plastic bowls. Recyclable and aesthetic too. Good use of coconut shells.


Its great to use for hair oils and spa, but a little wobbly


A good sustainable alternative!!!