9 Yoga Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow NOW

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The last few months have been a time of awakening. Amid a global pandemic, people from all over the world are finally understanding the importance of staying healthy. Activities like working out at the gym or going for a run seem unreasonable right now. However, simple Yoga poses and asanas will surely help you maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health – all within the comfort of your homes! Here are 9 Indian Yoga Instagram Accounts who will help you lead a healthy and meaningful life!

#1 Isha Lall (@ishallyoga)

Isha is a Yoga & Meditation Therapist. She gravitated towards natural living after realizing that the maddening routine of the corporate world did not resonate with her. She believes that it’s always a matter of personal choice. “Not looking good externally but feeling great internally has always been my priority,” she says. Even when Yoga & Pranayama were something she did out of passion; she would undertake all her practices with equal diligence. Now that it is her profession, she feels the need to not only invest in herself but also initiate a dialogue about it.

“What is the point of having knowledge when you don’t share it with others? This knowledge that took me years and years of metamorphosis can be accessed by someone else in a faster and easier way, is what motivates me. Everyone is on their individual journeys but the paths become beautiful when you meet, communicate, and share it with others around.”

Isha’s favorite person to follow on Instagram is @deepikamehtayoga. “She is a symbol of power, simplicity, and womanhood,” exclaims Isha. Her dedication towards the self and the community is simply inspiring.

#2 Soumya Pathak (@pratimaanyoga)

Soumya is a Yoga & Wellness Coach. Her profile is full of informative content packaged in a way that meets the needs of the modern generation without compromising their routines! Similarly, the experiences she’s gained and the lessons she has learned have acted as a driving force for her to continue doing what she does with absolute passion.

“When I stepped in The Yoga Institute, my physical and mental health was in shambles. It would be an understatement to say that it saved me from stepping ahead on the path of self-destruction. The way it changed my life has been my biggest motivation to share this knowledge with others.

A big fan of plant-based lifestyle herself, Soumya loves to follow @nidhimohankamal for her authenticity and vegan lifestyle!

#3 Disha Deshpande (@swastiastu.yoga)

A carefree soul and remarkable learner, Disha is a Yoga Anatomy & Alignment Teacher who loves to wander and travel! Having previously worked as a journalist, she soon realized that the hectic and burdening life wasn’t meant for her. And off she went to satiate her thirst for a connection with her inner self. Today, Disha takes pride in helping individuals who wish to change the course of their lives through Yoga! She also conducts Yoga Treks & Yoga Therapy retreats in the Himalayas.

“To me, Yoga is connecting with the universe that is inside of you. It is when you get acquainted with the inner workings of the body and mind, that you stay in rooted in yourself and your truth. With the influence of social media today, it’s very easy to adopt someone else’s truth and forget who you are. No two people are the same. Heck, no two sides of your body are the same. And a strong Yoga Practice can really help us stay grounded, and provide for our bodies and mind the way they need.”

Disha is a big nerd when it comes to understanding the human body, and she loves following @adellbridges for her detailed explanations for the nuances of asana practice!

#4 Nitin Goyal (@watchyourbreath)

A professional Yoga Teacher & Animal Flow Instructor, Nitin Goyal believes in living in harmony with one’s natural body type. On his Instagram, he shares tips on how to strengthen certain parts of your body while also reflecting on his personal experiences.

“The motivation behind my efforts to create a dialogue around Yoga comes from my own experiences of the power of this beautiful ancient science, which goes way beyond and deep into other subtle aspects of our being and not limited to just the physical body compared to most of other exercise disciplines.”

Nitin has drawn inspiration from several people when it comes to his love for healthy living but a due that comes close to being his favorite is @davidrobsonyoga & @vesic_jelana! “Apart from their regular insights, I find them most inspiring for their vibe,” he adds. Their passion for veganism and non-violence towards animals is truly moving!

#5 Shani Dayal (@shani_dayal)

Shani is an Architect and Yoga Practitioner who found her way to Yoga early on in life. After incorporating Yoga in her daily routine, she began experiencing magical changes in her life. She decided to take it up a notch by enrolling in the Teachers’ Training Course! And now, spreading the good word about Yoga and its benefits has become her life’s motto!

“I realised that yoga is one thing that grounds me as my day feels incomplete without it. It gradually it became a way of healthy and conscious living. As I reap multiple benefits from the practice, I want it to reach as many people as I can! This is what drives me to teach and spread the knowledge.”

Among people who inspire Shani, @kinoyoga is the one who influenced her to implement Yoga in her daily life. “Not only does she have a strong practice, but her way of looking at life as a whole is also beautiful,” exclaims Shani.

#6 Sujala Roy (@barefoot.suzie)

Sujala is a Yogini, dancer, explorer & YouTuber! What started as a way to change her mundane routine soon became her passion. As someone who cannot imagine not engaging in some or the other discipline – be it mental, physical, or spiritual – Sujala surely has come a long way with her practice!

“There has been a surge in the awareness towards fitness and well-being in the past few years around the world. Now while this is great, there is something I find disturbing about it as well. I feel that this awareness is majorly driven by the idea of aspirational fitness driven by marketing of unrealistic fitness goals to real, normal people. This is where Yoga has a great opportunity and responsibility to help people connect with their real selves, make them realise that it is holistic well-being that they should target and not just ‘looking good’ or ‘looking like person X’. Yoga is not just about asana practice, it is about union of your body and mind, it is about harmony and about understanding what is best for you and working towards that.”

Sujala has always been inspired by @deepikamehtayoga. Her life story stands out for Sujala in terms of the challenges she faced and the way she overcame those!

#7 Ruby Thapliyal (@yogawithruby)

Ruby is a professional Yoga Instructor who is fuelled by the powers of gratitude and perseverance. Yoga came to her organically, post her daughter’s delivery. Upon realizing the multifaceted benefits of this divine practice, she decided to delve deeper into it!

“I feel hard-work is the emotion and loyalty towards your work because whatever work you do for your bread and butter should be worshipped and in my case, it’s not only for bread, it’s for my healthy lifestyle as well. It’s a treat I am giving to my soul. At the end of the day I am helping mankind get better as a collective, hence this hard-work pays me off big time, and this how I get to create dialogue around Yoga.”

Ruby loves following many Yoginis on Instagram but her favorite happens to be @yoganama. “She is so determined towards her work and her knowledge of Ayurveda inspires me!” says Ruby.

#8 Priyamvada Mangal (@priyamvadamangal)

Priyamvada is a freelance journalist and photographer who gravitated towards Yoga & Meditation early on in life. She’s completed her Teachers’ Training Course from The Yoga Institute and has always undertaken courses on Zen Buddhism and Vipassana.

“I believe Yoga is one such science that can really fix all our issues at an individual level. Today we are facing so many issues around the world, despite having so much technology, education, and access. Much more than our previous generation can imagine! But can we say we have lesser problems? I don’t think so! This is because we are constantly looking outside and pointing fingers to blame someone else. With Yoga, we can start addressing problems at an individual level and thus inspire a better world. Fixing problems is the least Yoga can do, Yoga is all about living an optimally healthy life and discovering your full potential.”

Priyamvada’s favorite healthy lifestyle Instagrammer is luke_coutinho! She loves how he demystifies healthy living and deconstructs complex issues for everyone’s understanding!

#9 Sushmita Mukhia (@yog_with_sushmita)

Sushmita is a banker by day and a Yoga Instructor and Counsellor by night! She calls indulging in Yoga as “the best decision of her life” and helps people get in touch with their roots through this divine practice.

“Well, for me Yoga is not just a fitness program which is for a few weeks or a few months. It is my lifeline and my lifestyle, too. When none of the medications worked for my chronic ailments like arthritis, sinus, etc., it was Yoga and Ayurveda that came to my rescue. I can’t emphasize enough on how important and life-altering it is!”

Sushmita follows quite a few Yoga Instagrammers but her favorite has to be @talia_sutra! She adores her passion and dedication as it inspires her to work on herself!

The importance of physical and bodily movement has been emphasized upon for centuries in the ancient Indian texts and literature. The Bhagavad Gita rightly says – “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” And while every journey comes with its ups and downs, the journey of finding the self through Yoga will nourish your soul and satiate you in ways you never could have imagined! Follow these Yoga Instagram Accounts today and give your body the much-needed nourishment it needs!

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