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DIYDo It Yourself, is the new trend that has emerged rapidly in almost everything from home décor, making soaps & candles to health. Several kits are available for facial that can be done at home by yourself without going to the salon. Likewise, you can make organic, natural soaps yourself at home and much more things.

In the same degree, our elders used to have instant home remedies for simple problems like cold, hair fall, headache etc. As a matter of fact, the ancestral tradition which was lost somewhere owing to modern techniques is being revived again. Old school principles are now cherished and most of us want to shift to home remedies or natural products than popping up antibiotics when it comes to simple first aid.

DIY 1: Baking Soda, a common ingredient in our kitchens, which is mostly used for baking or cleaning purposes; can be used to treat bee stings. Instead of rushing to the pharmacy, one can make a paste using baking soda and water, and apply it immediately to reduce pain and swelling.

DIY 2: Nowadays dental problems are soaring in all age groups. One should avoid the use of pain killers to relieve dental aches in children. Another ingredient from your kitchen is known to be the best reliever i.e. Cloves. Cloves or clove oil is best for toothache. Clove is known to relieve toothaches.

DIY 3: Aloe Vera is such a useful plant, until recently not many people were aware of its uses. But now Aloe made products are becoming more popular. Aloe has a cooling, soothing effect on the skin, so it is widely used for minor burns, rashes, and minor cuts.

Did you know - Aloe Vera is a great thing to keep at home.

DIY 4: A long day with work pressures can lead to splitting headaches. A headache is the worst. But here is a simple balm recipe which will relieve you from a headache in no time. With just 4 ingredients – coconut oil, shea butter, peppermint essential oil and lavender essential oil; you can prepare the balm at home and use it to get relief from headaches.

We, at Amrutam, offer some easy DIY products for you.

DIY 5: Hair fall is one of the common problems and Amrutam offers you the easiest hack with just two ingredients. Amla and Onion. It's easy to prepare at home and beneficial for your hair.     

kuntal care hair oil

DIY 6: How about a natural hair spa kit that gives your professional salon results at home? Hair spa products available seem great but they do more damage to your hair. Amrutam presents you its DIY natural hair spa, which you can do yourself at home. It’s a hair spa based on Ayurvedic formulation such as Triphala, Bhringraj, Eucalyptus oil, Balchhad & Kapoor kachhari.

DIY 7: The pollutions, dust, dirt accumulates on your skin and leaves it dull. We all wish to have smooth, bright and glowing skin, right? But how many of you take time daily to look after your skin? At times, it is just impossible due to our busy schedules.

Deep cleaning your face is essential to remove all the impurities, blemishes; unclog pores and remove any dirt present. Amrutam’s Face clean-up is very simple DIY at home which takes less time and gives excellent results. It’s made of natural substances -Kesar & Chandan that improves skin texture and daily use will give you a bright, glowing and clear face.

Nurture yourself with what suits you the best. Perhaps self-love is a way for you to witness how your body responds. Beauty is truly a reflection of our inner self. Sometimes we must indulge in nourishing self-care practices to pamper ourselves and rejuvenate ourselves from within.


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