5 food rules to incorporate into your life

5 food rules to incorporate into your life

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, believed that the nutrients in our food had healing abilities, consumed in the right proportion could lead to healthy life preventing diseases. A healthy diet plays a significant role in keeping us fit and active but to incorporate that we should also know how one should consume food to benefit the most from it.

A warm meal has the power to make you spring out of bed on a sick day. When it comes to food, there are specific rules or methods one needs to follow to get its goodness and strike a balance between food and health. Consuming food at the right time with the right proportion of food intake is essential for digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

Here are 5 food rules everyone should swear by to live a happy young life.

● Have a heavy afternoon meal

Our body and nature have a special relationship, at midday the sun's heat is at its peak just like that, and our digestion is the strongest at midday. In Ayurveda it is termed Agni, this inner fire can break down difficult-to-digest foods. You can also stay energetic throughout the day by eating a heavy afternoon meal. Afternoon meals can include, dal, rice, different legume sabzi, roti, salad, or sprouts, nothing fancy but just a meal enriched with nutrients, fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins.

● Drink less water while eating 

As mentioned above the inner fire Agni, scientifically hydrochloric acid gets diluted after consuming water or any cold beverage resulting in decreasing the intensity of the acid. This reduces the efficiency of digestion leading to further stomach problems.

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● No to distractions 

Chewing food makes digestion an easier process as it needs to break down elements that are already smaller in proportion. To achieve that, we must eliminate all distractions like watching TV/phone, chatting, or working. By eliminating distractions we can be more conscious about the food we consume making sure that we don't overeat. 

We need to respect the food we get and taking out some time for ourselves is one step closer to self-care.

● Aim to be satisfied not stuffed

In Ayurveda,  you eat till you are 3/4 satisfied, stuffing yourself to the brink can cause indigestion or increase in production of free radicals which are responsible for faster aging.

By consuming a limited amount of food you allow your body to absorb nutrients and leave room for proper digestion of food. 

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● The walk not taken 

After consuming our meal we feel a bit lethargic so it's better to take a walk or move around the house to get your body moving. Sitting or lying down after having food squashes the digestive tract making digestion difficult to take place. The walk will not only make digestion easier but will also reduce bloating and make nutrient absorption untroubled.

Don't forget to enjoy your meals while incorporating conscious eating habits and be grateful for the food we eat.