Art of Ayurvedic Self Care

Dear Reader,

Take a deep breath and release before you start reading this blog. We are delighted to have you here with us. Let’s take out some metaphorical chamomile tea leaves and let them boil as we sit down and unwind together. 

We, at Amrutam, understand what #DeliveringMoreThanPromised is all about and how we put our best foot forward in pursuit of our passion, job, personal life, and more. And how all of this can sometimes keep us so immersed in caring for everything and everyone but ourselves. So if you have had a long day, week, or month and wish to simply bring the focus back to your ‘self’, we have got you covered!

There are several ways to practice self-care today. The definition of self-care and the rituals that surround it can be different for different people. For some of us, self-care can look like spending quality time with our family members, for some of us it can be uninterrupted time with our furry friends, and some may love to indulge in cultivating their hobbies. With all these ways to unwind, Amrutam recommends trying the Ayurvedic way of practicing self-care as an expression of holistic self-love.

Here are some ways, you can show yourself some much-needed love-

1. Turn off electronic devices

Ayurveda believes in intentional and conscious self-care that stems from a focus on the task at hand, away from distractions that peel away your attention marginally. So, the best thing to do while unwinding is to turn off all electronic devices and get the freedom from all the buzzes, messages tones, calls, emails, and mindless consumption of content. It will help to clear your mind and will help to put things back in perspective.

2. Early To Bed, Early to Rise

Ayurveda puts great emphasis on waking up early- as early as before sunrise to avoid dullness during the day. However, this is not possible unless and until you go to bed early, preferably by 10 pm. By getting up before the Kapha period, you'll avoid that feeling of heaviness you can get even after a good night's sleep.

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3. The Power of a Massage

Abhyanga self-massage is a type of massage that can be done by using warm oil on your body right from your scalp to the soles of your feet. Slowly massaging your body in a circular motion with warm oil can help to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, improve blood circulation, enhance skin health, and help lymphatic drainage. We would recommend using- 

Amrutam Poshak Key Oil carries the goodness of Olive oil, Almond oil, and Manjistha which treats and reverses irritated skin and promotes its overall health.

4. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling, also referred to as Gandusha kriya in Ayurveda, is a powerful method for detoxifying the mouth cavity.   When you engage in oil pulling, you need to swish the oil around and in your mouth. The oil can dissolve or remove toxins from the teeth and gums if you practice this for at least 15 minutes. The oil should be spat out when swishing is finished in order to get rid of the impurities. 

These are just a few simple ways to show yourself love and practice daily self-care. We hope you will make holistic self-care a part of your routine.

PS- It’s time to take a glorious sip of that chamomile tea! :)


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