Importance of Spending Time with Yourself

Are you wondering if you should spend some time alone?

Do you like solitude or you just need to escape from all the wilderness & craziness out there?

 It depends on what you want from physical isolation from others. Some people are introverts that are less social and prefer spending time in doing their own kinds of stuff. While some are extroverts that are more social, love spending their time surrounded by friends/people. Both cases are absolutely okay as long as you are happy inside out. The degree of your social interaction varies and is mostly balanced on our emotional & situational circumstances. 

Generally, solitude is misconstrued as loneliness. Some people are non-social for several reasons. One is they might need privacy. Sometimes they tend to be more sensitive to judgement and criticism. Some may not be able to take negative remarks sportingly. They would like to mingle but keep their friends too at a distance. They don’t want extreme bonding or closeness to them.  

There are people who love socializing involve in parties, events, or hanging out with friends, etc. Owing to a hectic work schedule, a jam-packed social life, in this constantly connected world, finding solitude is difficult and has become a lost art. 

Even party animals do feel the need for some “me” time but getting that space is not easy. Seeking solitude is actually healthy and one must practice it quite frequently, at least once a week. You might be surprised to know that it has a lot of psychological benefits. 

Life can get quite exhausting, that is why you must steal a moment to yourself every now and then. Be it a few minutes each day or an entire day in the weekend, must feel it believe it. Too little and too much of solitude both can make a person crazy. 

Can you go a single day without checking your emails or messages or social networking apps?

Are you ready to do a digital detox for a day? 

Well, is it so difficult to stay without being socially active? We live in a society where there is a little room for our quality time. But there are humongous benefits of spending some time solo. 

  • It is absolutely essential to enjoy your own company. Solitude helps you know yourself better; discover yourself. It increases self-awareness.
  • Solitude boosts creativity, improves concentration and increases productivity.
  • It is a great way to recharge, relax, rejuvenate and replenish our energy levels. Indulging in meditation practices promotes mindfulness.
  • A good way to de-stress yourself. You can take up a new hobby or other areas that you might be interested in.
  • It lowers depression. One can build mental strength and reduce levels of stress & anxiety by being alone for some time.



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