Quarantine with Amrutam

Date: 22nd March 2020
Time: 2 PM to 4 PM

To help prevent the spread of Corona Virus we’ll be:

1.  Sending out free Amrutam Herbal Sanitizers 30ml on all orders

To get the Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer all you’ve to do is place an order between above-mentioned timing and use the coupon code SANITIZER we’ll send the sanitizer along with your order

2. Sending out free Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer + Amrutam Herbal Jam 400gms along with all orders with order value above INR 900

To avail this offer i.e. to get Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer + Amrutam Herbal Jam 400gms free along with your order, you’ll have to use the coupon code JAM

For Amrutam Sadasyas

We’ll be sending out both Amrutam Herbal Sanitizer 30ml + Amrutam Herbal Jam 400gms along with your order

There is no minimum order value for Amrutam Sadasya to avail this offer if you are an Amrutam Sadasya, all you’ve to do is apply the unique code which we’ve shared with you and we’ll send the gift items along with your order.


Additional Measures we’re taking

We’re offering travel-friendly sanitizer packs to all the pick up the Amrutam packages from our warehouse. They are the ones who make quick deliveries possible throughout the year and even in difficult times like these.

To ensure our warehouse’s teams safety all the Amrutam Team members are asked to wear gloves & masks at all times and also, to sanitize their hands often.

1. This offer is only applicable for domestic orders i.e. delivery only in India.
2. To avail the gift items, using the required coupon codes is mandatory.
Note: We will be sending out the gift items from our end, it might not appear on your cart or order details.

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