Ayeee Halooo! - Last week at Amrutam 26.09.2022

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The week filled with colors and delicious food is here, and so are we with tidbits to prepare you for Navratri, be it the skincare or Ayurveda's take on fasting.

In today’s newsletter, we are discussing:

  1. 1.A sneak-peek inside Amrutam HQ
  2. 2.Ayurveda’s take on fasting during Navratri
  3. 3.Make your Monday with Amrutam’s Navratri Sale offers
  4. 4.Suno kya kehte hai woh
  5. 5.What are we reading

A sneak-peek inside Amrutam HQ

We at Amrutam are all ready in shades of white, happy to snack on the yummy goodness of aloo chat, sabudana khichadi, and more.

While that might not just be why the team at Amrutam may be happy this weekend, over the 5 years of our online presence, we have built a community of over 75K people - organically. We have served over 1 lakh people, and yet, we have not been able to get verified on Instagram. So this weekend, our team members posted about it. 

Amrutam Family's support was overwhelming for all of us, from sharing their experiences to tagging Instagram and telling them why we deserved it. 

So if you think we deserve a blue tick on Instagram too, show your support by tagging Instagram in this post and telling them why we deserve it:  #thedeservedbluetick

Ayurveda’s take on fasting during Navratri

As per Ayurveda, fasting helps to cleanse our body, which in turn helps the mind become calmer and more peaceful because of the deep connection between the body and mind. As well as this there are many other benefits of fasting during Navratri, including:

It helps to rekindle the digestive system

Burns away accumulated toxins

Restores the glow and luminosity of the skin

Improves mental clarity

Preserves overall health

Make your Day!

Navratri is here, which means a lot of dancing, indulging in Navratri snacks, and more. With this fun comes many health problems, including hair loss, frizziness, and gastric issues.

The excitement that this festival brings in makes us overshadow our health. 

As someone once said, “Prevention is better than cure,” so we are here with our Navratri Special offers so you can stock up on all the Amrutam recipes necessary to get you ready for Navratri and the after party.

Suno kya kehte hai woh

“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by other people’s opinions.”

- Red Haircrow

What are we reading

And something for you to read while you get ready for Navratri:

● Five Ayurvedic Packs For Glowing Skin

How to wash your Hair: The Amrutam Way of doing it

And with this, we have come to the end of this newsletter and hope you’ve learned something new.

We'll be back next week with some more exciting content; till then, toodles!


Team Amrutam.


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