Joining hands together for new beginnings - Last Week at Amrutam 19.09.2021

Here's a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • Last week was Hindi Diwas. Every year 14th of September is celebrated as a day devoted to the Hindi language that is the mother tongue of many in the South Asia subcontinent. Amrutam’s Founding Principal Sh. Ashok Gupta shares with us Five Hindi Words that Inspire Us to Lead a Good Life.
  • Are you one of those who drinks tea or coffee first thing in the morning upon waking up? Well, you might just want to rethink your morning routine! Here’s a detailed post on why you should make water your first drink in the morning and its numerous benefits!
  • We are beyond thrilled to share with you that Amrutam has launched a zero-waste service for Kuntal Care Range in Mumbai with Restore. In an attempt to encourage low or zero waste lifestyles, we want to make sure that we are abiding by the principles of Ayurveda. This step enables us to move an inch closer to our goal. 😊
  • While literally every single human being consumes food for survival and enjoyment, seldom do we spend time discussing or thinking about our relationship with food. Here’s a short post that will help you understand and decipher your relationship with food along with making it better!

A quote we like

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

Amrutam recognitions

  • We are so happy to share with you that Amrutam was featured in this edition of All About Eve. The issue read the following:
  • “Amrutam is an Ayurvedic lifestyle brand and wellness community. From personal care to healthcare, they offer you some of the best ingredients in their products. They believe in the idea of ‘Health is Beauty’ and offer products to suit modern needs. With a great variety of herbal products, they have a solution for all your health and skin issues.”
  • Thank you for all the love and support you continue to shower on us! We are supremely grateful. 😊

Articles you might enjoy reading

  • How to Unclog Pores Naturally
  • In Ayurveda, it is believed that every human is made up of one or a combination of the three doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Read more about Ayurveda on our blog debunking myths and misconceptions about Ayurveda. People with Pitta Prakriti, or an active element of fire, have sensitive, irritable skin and can be triggered by spicy, sour and salty foods. The use of Pitta-balancing products reverses the inflammation, acne and enlarged pores of this skin type. Further, maintaining a diet of cooling, sweet and mild foods results in clear, radiant skin.
  • Chawanprash: The Progenitor of Jams
  • One may notice a slightly sweet taste to the jam. However, the recipe contains no traces of refined sugar and we sweeten it using jaggery or honey. The making of the recipe is a long and detailed process. It involves processing the raw materials, cooking them (some separately and others together), evaporating any moisture content, adding taste enhancers (honey or jaggery) and finally blending it into a jam-like state. Read more here.

An Amrutam Expert’s tip on health and wellness

  • This week we have our expert from Amrutam.Global Dr. Akash Tekale sharing his special tips on improving overall health and wellbeing!
  • Practice Abhyanga to rejuvenate your body. It not only refreshes your mind and soul but also leaves you with a lovely after-glow!
  • If you are looking for a holistic solution for your overall health and wellness, look no further! Book a consultation with Dr. Akash Tekale on Amrutam.Global today. 

That's all for this week at Amrutam!


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