You're here and it matters - Last Week at Amrutam, 31.08.2021

Here's a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • Last weekend we organized the Post-COVID Hair Sale because we understand the suffering that comes with excessive hair loss. Hair care experts at Amrutam.Global recommend applying Onion Oil on the scalp to revitalize hair growth as it is packed with antibacterial properties and sulphur! Check out the numerous benefits of Amrutam Onion Oil here.
  • Ayurveda, above everything else, is a science that helps you understand your body better through different methods. One of the most important and crucial ways of understanding ourselves and what is good for our health is learning good and bad food combinations. In this live session, Dr. Nitika Kohli walks us through what foods can be combined and eaten together!
  • One of Ayurveda’s favourite herbs Bhringraj is also known by the name of Kesharaj which literally translates to “Rules of the hair”. Known for its myriad healing and nourishing properties, Bhringraj is enriched with antimicrobial and antifungal properties that rejuvenate hair health and leave you with strong and shiny hair! Tap on the read the benefits of Bhringraj here.
  • Most of us are familiar with the term PMS but how many of us have actually tried to read up about it? People who menstruate often experience moodiness and overwhelming emotions during their periods and that happens due to hormonal changes in our bodies. Here is a detailed post on emotional issues during our periods.

A quote we like

“No matter how long it took you, how many mistakes you’ve made, or how many detours you’ve experienced, you’re here now. You should be proud of that.”

Amrutam recognitions

  • We are so happy to share with you that Amrutam was featured in this edition of The Daily Guardian. The issue read the following:
  • “These recipes have been developed by modifying the ancient wisdom in Vedas and Ayurvedic principles to suit the needs of a modern lifestyle. They work on the root cause of the problem and try curing the lifelong impact of modern habits of uncertain eating time, untimely sleeping hours and excessive use of synthetics. It is 100% herbal and completely free from harsh chemicals and harmful colours. Their products range from personal care to health-care to gourmet and oils. Amrutam’s newly launched products are neem oil and onion oil.”
  • Thank you for all the love and support you continue to shower on us! We are supremely grateful. 😊

Creators we collaborated with

Articles you might enjoy reading

  • Amrutam Nari x Aanchal Malhotra
  • “I had quite an ordinary middle-class childhood. But the only extraordinary thing was that my family owned a bookshop, so I grew up reading. The habit was never forced upon me, but something I naturally gravitated towards, perhaps because there were always books within my arms reach. Naturally then, through the written world I traveled the world and became someone who was curious about worlds that were different than mine. Even now, when in my career, I delve into the folds of history, it is always books that remain my companions.”
  • Rediscovering Ayurveda x Naina Uttam
  • “I really love performing yoga asanas because of the balance they bring in my life. Meditation is another thing that I enjoy doing but truth be told, it takes a lot of discipline, even more than the physical aspects, to be able to master it. But it is something I strive to do. The next thing that has really helped me is moving to a plant-based diet. It has enabled me to have clarity of thought which has further helped me elevate my energy levels.”

An Amrutam Expert’s tip on health and wellness

  • This week we have our expert from Amrutam.Global Dr. Deepa Godara sharing her special tips on improving overall health and wellbeing!
  • “Drinking warm water first thing in the morning cleanses your intestine and helps with easier bowel movements.”
  • If you are looking for a holistic solution for your overall health and wellness, look no further! Book a consultation with Dr. Deepa Godara on Amrutam.Global today. 


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