Rediscovering Ayurveda X Juhie Kothari

In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Juhie Kothari.


A walk through her journey


Juhie's Yoga journey began when she was diagnosed with PCOS in 2013, for which she was given light medication. During this period, her elder sister introduced her to yoga, and she began practising three times a week. Eventually, she recovered from the symptoms of PCOS and stopped taking all medications.

From then on, Juhie's journey hasn't stopped. In 2016 she completed 200 hr TTC from the Yoga Institute, then in 2018, she completed her 500 hr Hatha Intensive TTC from Indea Yoga Mysore and in 2019, she started her full-time yoga teaching career. 

I felt like I was a child and the class was my playtime.

Now Juhie conducts online Yoga & Meditation classes and various offline workshops for corporates to spread the joy and benefit of Yoga she experienced.


Inspirations & Motivations

Coming from a vegetarian family, her diet had always been simple and focused on food nutrition. As soon as she started practising yoga, her preferences also changed, and she started preferring natural over anything processed; hence she started enjoying local produce more. This preference change got her interested in the age-old traditional Indian recipes.

This was further fueled by her grandmother, who influenced her to relish the goodness of these recipes. During this process, Juhie started reading about Ayurveda and the benefits of consuming spices. As a result, she added Turmeric water to her daily morning routine, boosting her immunity as a result. She also substituted coffee for hot water with a pinch of cinnamon during cold winter mornings.

When asked what motivates her to lead this Yogic Lifestyle: It is because I love it to the point that I dream of it that I can do it with this dedication. Also, I believe you have to be consistent in anything that you want to be good at - on or off the mat. 

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Daily life & Habits 

Juhie’s day starts at 6 am with a mug of hot water with turmeric. A cup of coffee follows this before she goes on with her daily routine. After conducting a few yoga classes, she proceeds to have a balanced breakfast of fruit, fat and protein. She makes sure to have two big meals with one snack a day. 


When asked about her favourite snack? Juhie immediately replies with a smile - One of my favourite snacks is just fresh coconut pieces- extremely healthy, fills you up and boosts energy as well.

She also mentions that she cooks all her food in ghee and drinks water throughout the day. With the sun setting, she tries to eat her dinner as early as 6 pm, which helps her sleep early and feel lighter.

One of the biggest takeaways from her yogic lifestyle is the understanding of food combinations and the habit of eating ghee, which improved her digestion and strengthened her muscles.

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Ayurveda & more…


Juhie believes that Ayurveda & Yoga - both practices are intertwined, lead one to the other, and are a natural way of experiencing life.

In this age of artificial treatment, I’m not saying that it is not important for certain reasons, but we have been blessed with so much nature. We come from the earth and go back to mother earth. What is available in nature works beautifully if consumed correctly and is more beneficial for our body.

She explains that the awareness among people regarding leading a more sustainable, healthier natural life is increasing. As a practitioner and teacher, Juhie believes putting out content is the first step to raising awareness.

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Tips & Message for Amrutam Community:

When asked for a message she'd like to share with the #AmrutamFamily, she mentions that -

Choose your goals & be consistent. Showing up is key to being healthy and happy.

Juhie mentions that she is excited to try Amrutam’s Face Clean Up because she feels in this day and age, one is exposed to so much dirt and pollution, it is always nice to provide some extra love to the skin.

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We are grateful to Juhie Kothari for the wonderful work she is doing as a teacher and are honoured to have her as a member of our #AmrutamFamily!


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