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In this week’s article on our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Dr Ravi Dhaliya. 

Meet Dr Ravi Dhaliya

A proud first-generation Vaidya of his family, Dr Ravi is a PhD holder, an associate professor and a researcher of Ayurveda based in Punjab. But you’d be surprised to learn that before he ventured to study Ayurvedic sciences, he had never even read, let alone study Sanskrit - the language of ancient texts and Vedas. 

“In my first year of college, I experienced a lot of difficulties because I had never read Sanskrit in school,” says Dr Ravi reminiscing about his undergrad days. It was equally challenging and fascinating for him to pick on a new language. What helped him learn faster was his love for nature, which the Ayurvedic texts so eloquently described. The principles of mind, body and spirit caught his interest, which was just the beginning for him.

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Even more interesting is that studying Ayurveda was not Dr Ravi’s first choice. An animal lover at heart, he had originally intended to pursue veterinary science, but that could not take shape for some reason. 

Dr Ravi Dhaliya | Amrutam Ayurveda
“I wanted to do something other than MBBS or BDS. When pondering what to do next, a relative suggested that I pursue BAMS.”

Chasing the curiosity

After completing his BAMS, Dr Ravi went on to pursue his post-graduation in Agada Tantra, the toxicology branch of Ayurveda that includes the science of poisons. 

During this time, he learned and apprenticed under several traditional and royal Vaidyas, Pashu Vaidyas (Ayurvedic animal doctors) and Visha Vaidyas (Ayurvedic poison specialists). Dr Ravi has integrated these past learnings from his days at the university into now his daily life as an Ayurveda teacher, doctor and practitioner. 

“My students play a crucial role in my life. They keep me motivated. Their curiosity to learn pushes me to give my 100% to keep them involved. When I meet patients who have experienced no relief from allopathic medicines, I counsel and treat them. This gives them a ray of hope and fills me with content as a medical practitioner.”

Daily life and favorite habits

Since Dr Ravi wears many hats a day, a typical day in his life is usually hectic. But he makes sure to incorporate the principles of Dincharya as much and as often as possible. He begins his day with a spoonful of ghee and warm water, followed by Surya Namaskar (sun salutations). Lunch is his heaviest meal of the day since the Agni is at its strongest. 

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Dr Ravi Dhaliya | Amrutam Ayurveda

His work days are filled with classes, consultations and attending conferences and programs. Dr Ravi reserves his evenings for his workouts at the gym, post which he indulges in Abhyanga (self-massage) to balance his Doshas. He ends his day with a light dinner followed by a short walk. 

Dr Ravi’s three favourite habits that he follows regularly include:

1. Yoga, movement and meditation - this helps him calm down and feel fresh throughout the day

2. Drinking warm milk and avoiding sleeping during the day

3. Cooking and eating fresh food to stay connected to different flavours 

Special accomplishments

While the study of Ayurveda itself has been a driving force for Dr Ravi, his mother has also influenced him deeply. She taught him the importance of life skills, staying closer to his roots and following traditional methods, which he says has had a great impact on him.

Dr Ravi Dhaliya | Amrutam Ayurveda
“Through my teaching, I have tried to guide and have helped transform many young students to adopt and practice Ayurveda and have also published many articles in top Scopus journals of India. I was also selected among the top 30 scientists for scientific publications stands in Ayurveda by NCISM. Over the years, I have also delivered several talks and have been invited to speak on Ayurveda and health on national radio channels.”

Healthy tips for skin and health

An Ayurveda practitioner knows the secrets to a healthy life. Taking care of Jathargni (digestive fire) and Satvikta of Mind (controlled psyche) is essential in Ayurveda. 

Dr Ravi sincerely believes that good immunity can only be achieved through a healthy gut. We can ease our digestion process by eating mindfully. One can enhance skin health by using Haldi, Chandan, Multani Mitti, Manjishtha, and Neem since they benefit all skin types. 

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He also suggests consuming Chawanprash regularly and mild laxatives like Triphala occasionally to improve digestion, and gut mobilisation, enhance gut microbe and detoxify the system. 

On Yoga and Ayurveda

Speaking of Yoga, Dr Ravi says, “It provides the spiritual and psychological basis for Ayurveda and its higher applications. For a truly holistic and spiritual approach to medicine and healing, we need both Yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda provides the medical foundation and Yoga, the spiritual goal and practices.”

“Yoga and Ayurveda emphasise cultivating Sattva (quality of goodness and purity) to balance emotions and manage psychological disorders. It is no secret that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, and Yoga and Ayurveda help you achieve just that.” 

From Amrutam’s list of holistic products, Dr Ravi would love to try Amrutam Brahmi Churna. Brahmi is an Ayurvedic marvel known for improving cognitive skills, stimulating the nervous system and preventing stress and anxiety.

Dr Ravi Dhaliya | Amrutam Ayurveda

He would also like to try Amrutam B-Feral Gold Malt which is an excellent blend of Safed Musali, Ashwagandha, Trikatu, Rajat Bhasma and Vanga Bhasma for overall sexual health. 

We are beyond grateful to have Dr Ravi Dhaliya as part of our #AmrutamFamily!

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