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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Pooja Gandhi.

An avid traveler and Yoga instructor, Pooja’s journey of starting her Yoga practice is quite telling of her resilience and the ability to open up her heart to new learnings. When we ask her what encouraged her to start her practice, she says, “I started practicing Yoga because I was suffering from allergies and stomach-related issues back when I was 20-years-old. Yoga helped me health from these chronic issues that had arisen due to my sedentary lifestyle. And ever since, it has been a consistent and important part of my life.”

It is said that it takes time to see the physical changes in our bodies once we start practicing any form of physical workout. The same is the case with Yoga. It can take weeks, sometimes months at an end to show some visible results. But those results happen when one is not only motivated but also disciplined and consistent with their practice. For Pooja, seeing these consistent changes in her health was one of the biggest factors that inspired her to keep pushing her limits.

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“Physically, I was getting relieved from the illness that once bothered me. I also became stronger and calmer. With regular practice, I believe I have found balance and peace and I want to spread the awareness about Yoga, so people around me can also start experiencing it.”

As a Yoga instructor, Pooja’s life is full of adventures and unanticipated learnings. “When people come and tell me how their lives have changed due to Yoga practice, it brings me immense joy,” adds Pooja. She finds inexplicable satisfaction in helping people lead a better life and takes a lot of pride in contributing to their betterment in whatever ways possible. Her biggest achievement in life has been to teach over 500 students the practice of Yoga in the last few years.

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Like most Yoga practitioners, a typical day in Pooja’s life involves rising early, doing kriyas, meditation and asana practice. This is followed by taking classes, having meals, indulging in some self-study, practicing pranayama and taking classes again later in the day.

“In this world where everything is so superficial and materialistic, it is hard to find calmness, harmony and positivity. Disciplines like Yoga bring these things back to our life and help us find our balance. And this is why it is significant for today’s generation to go back to our roots and value these traditions.”

Apart from being a strong disciplinarian, Pooja sincerely believes that to be able to enjoy and live life to the fullest, one should always try and live in the moment. Doing the bare minimum of physical activities and making the right food choices can do wonders for one’s health and overall wellness.

Pooja’s simple tips to follow for a healthy lifestyle include doing kriyas for cleansing the body and performing asanas and pranayamas to keep the body and breath in control. Additionally, practices like clean eating to keep skin healthy and using natural ingredients like turmeric, ginger, tulsi, ashwagandha and others on regular basis for boosting immunity and metabolism.

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Her message for the readers says –

“Do it for yourself. Do it because you want to see the change in yourself and not to prove a point. Also, when we sow a seed, it takes its own time to grow. We must nurture it and be patient for flowers to bloom. The same is true for these practices. Be patient and consistent and you will surely see the changes.”

From Amrutam’s list of holistic products, Pooja would love to try our bestselling Kuntal Care range since she has heard some amazing reviews about it!

Pooja’s determination and willpower have moved us and we are beyond grateful for her contribution in creating awareness about the power of Yoga and simple living.

We are thankful to have Pooja as part of our #AmrutamFamily!

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