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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Ruby Thapliyal.

Meet Ruby Thapliyal

Ruby Thapliyal is a Yoga Instructor who is fuelled by the powers of gratitude and perseverance. A perpetually curious being with a bubbly personality, she is currently pursuing her masters in Yoga & Life Sciences from Uttarakhand!

A former Management Professional, Ruby was given a humble upbringing. “I come from a family where if a girl passed secondary exams, her mother cried!” It was seldom that girls were given equal opportunities which further prevented them from achieving their dreams. But Ruby was lucky. She graduated school with Commerce as her stream and shortly started working at a tender age of 17.

Yoga was a practice that came to her by surprise, or rather organically. After getting married at an early age of 23, and being blessed with a daughter at 24, Ruby Thapliyal’s s life took a massive turn.

A Life-altering Offer

“When my daughter was just a few months old, I decided to join a Yoga institute. It wasn’t an easy task as I was a new mother in a nuclear family! I was always into dance and all sorts of stage-related activities so that really helped me in the initial stages of my practice.”

Within six months of joining the institute, she was offered the role of an Assistant Yoga Teacher. Little did she know that this particular instance would change her life forever! Things slowly began to unravel, and Ruby found immense solace in delving deeper into her practice. She took this challenge as a way to detoxify her soul and mind. “That moment generated so much curiosity in me! I knew the only way to grow was to work as hard as I do and be patient with myself,” says Ruby.

Eventually, she decided to take Yoga up a notch and left to pursue her Teachers’ Training Course in the Yoga capital Rishikesh! She is also pursuing a masters in Yoga & Life Sciences from Uttarakhand.

A Natural Transformation

When we ask her, what inspired her to take the path of Yoga & healthy living, she says:

“Initially, it was just my desire to lose those extra pounds I’d gained during my pregnancy and be back in shape. But after a year of regular practice, I could feel the magic on my soul. I wouldn’t say that Yoga solved all my problems, but instead, it provided me with strength and perspective to face and solve those problems in the best ways possible!”

Ruby’s curiosity to know and learn more about Yoga and its principles was what constantly inspires and motivates her! For her, Yoga is not simply a profession. It is also her passion. “When I see my students’ lives transform through Yoga – both on physical and mental levels, I feel this immense gratitude & satisfaction,” exclaims Ruby.

Dedication towards Practice

As a mother, home-maker and Yoga instructor, Ruby’s day passes in the blink of an eye! She begins her day with her daily prayer and water which is followed by Saksham Vyayama and Pranayama before she leaves for her classes. After taking a few classes in morning, she finishes her home chores and goes to receive her daughter from school. For her own Yoga practice, she squeezes in a few asanas and stretches in the evening for at least five days a week. A long day at work calls for a sound full-night’s sleep!

Ruby believes that the life of a Yoga practitioner looks like a list of disciplined activities that are to be undertaken routinely. These activities not okay fill you up with bouts of energy but also help in incorporating an intrinsic sense of discipline which is the ultimate game-changer!

“During my training in Rishikesh, I’ve learned that to have a healthy and happy life, one must follow and practice the following habits –

  1. Concentration: Desa bandha cittasya dharana.” I practice this when I perform asanas. I try to focus on a specific body part. This practice helps in enhancing my focus and concentration!
  • Healthy eating: It is important to be mindful of what you consume. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t party or live off of salads, but whenever you have a meal, you must be mindful of the in-takes and portions.
  • Satisfaction or Santosh: Santosh stands for contentment, and acceptance of others. I am still in the process of cultivating this habit but being truly satisfied is the real definition of a healthy life.

Spreading the Good Word

When we ask her how according to her Yoga & Ayurveda are related, she says, “Yoga & Ayurveda are correlated to each other.” Both these philosophies work wonderfully on the human body. Ayurveda heals and prevents diseases by harmonizing every aspect of life – diet, lifestyle, cleansing, Yoga. And Ruby thinks the best way to promote the benefits and principles of Ayurveda & Yoga is through online and offline workshops!

She also shared her special skin and hair-care tips with us! “To keep my skin healthy and glowing, I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day,” says Ruby. Regular exercise and healthy, seasonal foods also help in keeping one’s skin healthy. She also regularly oils her hair and uses Kuntal Care DIY Hair Spa once a week to keep her locks strong and healthy.

Ruby Thapliyal has a message for all the Yoga & healthy living enthusiasts is:

“Do not compare yourself to others! Everyone has different bodies and different journeys; you are only leading your own. Often, you may face a few problems in the pursuit of your dreams but I assure you, you will find a way out. You just have to keep believing and that belief will do all its magic. And when it does, you have to let it!”

From Amrutam’s list of holistic products, Ruby would love to try the recently launched Kumkumadi Oil!

We are grateful to have Ruby as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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