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Amrutam’s Dentkey Manjan

Amrutam Dentkey Manjan | Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

From Rs. 99.00
Amrutam Dentkey Manjan is a Vedic recipe made with a blend of herbs and spices that have proven beneficial in maintaining oral health. Primary Benefits Treats Oral Ailments like Bleeding...
40 GM, 20 GM
40 GM, 20 GM
Amrutam Harad Churna | Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Recipe | Haritaki Churna

Amrutam Harad Churna | Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Recipe

Rs. 349.00
Amrutam Harad Churna is made from Harad or Haritaki Herb that boosts immunity, cures digestive tract-related disorders, treats dental ailments and fights oxidative stress. Primary Benefits Boosts Immunity, Cures Digestive Concerns...
150 GM
150 GM
Amrutam Dentkey Malt

Amrutam Dentkey Malt | Ayurvedic Recipe for Dental Nourishment

Rs. 1,599.00
Amrutam Dentkey Malt is an Ayurvedic herbal jam recipe for dental nourishment. It heals inflamed and bleeding gums, relieves toothache and eliminates bad breath.   Primary Benefits Heals Bleeding Gums, Fights...
400 GM
400 GM

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