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Where Magic Happens

Spanning over a vast area in the outskirts of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Amrutam Vatika is an abode to many species of medicinal plants and herbs.

Indulging in nature

An early morning visit to the Vatika will mean drenching your soul in the cool and pure breeze. The sun is almost always generous over the land where plants and ducklings dance alike in the soft cadence. Maali Baba gently tends to the garden of vegetable plants growing in the Vatika and tells us which plant is what with its innumerable benefits and qualities.

It is from Amrutam Vatika that certain plants and herbs like hibiscus, shatavari, brahmi, aloe vera, among others are taken for the manufacturing process. Right next to Amrutam Vatika is Amrutam Factory – an ever-expanding unit where all Amrutam Recipes are brought to life. A strong, pungent aroma envelopes the Factory, the whiff of spices almost appetizing.

The Human Connect

Although the Factory is equipped with all the right kinds of machinery, most of the work is done by hand.

Maintaining the purity

Be it handpicking ingredients and carefully preserving them or subjecting them to qualitative tests before purification and subsequent usage – the need to work by hand is always accentuated because of the firm belief that the machines cannot replicate the intimate touch with meticulous care and human connection.

Before starting with the process of creation, we thoroughly wash and dry raw materials and ingredients. The process further is really extensive and requires a lot of care and attention.

Ethical Sourcing and Process of Creation

Unlike less expensive ayurvedic brands where only the extracts of the plants and herbs are used, Amrutam Recipes are pure and 100% ayurvedic only because there is no compromise with the quality.

Going back to the roots

The herbs and plants are ethically sourced from forests and gardens across the country, going as far as Karnataka in down south and Gujarat in the west. Some recipes like Amrutam Malts take weeks, sometimes months on an end to prepare.

Did you know that Amrutam Chawanprash takes over 30 days to prepare? Amrutam Chawanprash is an authentic ayurvedic formulation whose recipe has been derived from age-old texts like all other Amrutam Recipes.

Following Best Practices

Gloves, caps, and masks are worn by all team members. There is absolutely no compromise on cleanliness and sanitation. The utensils and containers in which all the cooking is done are also regularly washed and dried.

Preserving the efficacy

Since there are zero preservatives in Amrutam Recipes, their shelf life is similar to that of a homemade bottle of pickles. Initially, we received frequent calls from our community with complaints regarding changes in texture and taste in different places.

If you consume a malt in Mumbai, it would taste and appear different in Bangalore given the weather conditions. With time, our community has understood our work ethic and the effort we put in our products which is how we are able to continually improve as a brand.

Amrutam's Health Care Range

Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt

Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt

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Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle Book

Ayurveda Lifestyle | The Beginning Book

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Sexual Health & Wellness | E-Book

Sexual Health & Wellness | E-Book

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1 X Sexual Health & Wellness | E-Book
Amrutam’s Dentkey Manjan

Amrutam Dentkey Manjan | Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

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40 GM, 20 GM
Amrutam B Feral Gold Malt

Amrutam B Feral Gold Malt

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B-Feral Gold Malt, B-Feral Gold Oil, B-Feral Gold Malt + Oil
Amrutam Gulkand