Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes
Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes
Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes
Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes

Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes

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Amrutam Eyekey Malt is an ayurvedic medicinal supplement that promotes eye health, eyesight and vision improvement.

Primary Benefits

Treats Eye Concerns like Impaired Vision and Watery or Dry Eyes, Protects the Eye Against Free Radicals, Improves Eye Function and Reduces Redness

Secondary Benefits Contains Photoprotective Properties, Balance Doshas that Affect Eyesight and Vision, Promotes Peaceful Sleep
Twice a day on an empty stomach
Primary Ingredients Triphala, Gajar, Bel, Brahmi, and Jatamansi
Duration 3-6 months minimum
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Why choose Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes?

● Amrutam Eyekey Malt is an authentic ayurvedic medicine that remedies eye-related concerns like impaired vision, and watery or dry eyes.
● Triphala helps improve vision by enhancing Alochaka pitta's presence.
● Malkangani helps in strengthening the eyesight.
● Shilajit has photoprotective properties, which help in treating eye disorders.

● 100% Natural and Ayurvedic
● PETA certified cruelty-free
● Hand-picked and ethically sourced ingredients
● AYUSH certified and US FDA approved

What is Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes made of?

Key Ingredients (Each 10g contains)

Triphala Murabba 900 mg, Triphala Ghrit 20 mg, Gajar Murabba 400 mg, Gajar Murabba 400 mg, Bel Murabba 100 mg, Triphala Kadha 1 ml, Brahmi 50 mg, Jatamansi 10 mg, Shankhpushpi 50 mg, Malkangini 20 mg, Shuddha Guggale 50 mg, Shuddha Shilajit 20 mg, Chaturjaat 50 mg, Shubhra Bhasma 20 mg, Kushmand 200 mg, Javitri 5 mg, Nariyal 50 mg, Ateesh 10 mg, Soyabeen 15 mg, Badam 200 mg, Swarn Bhasma 0.01 mg, Chandi Bhasma 2 mg, Tamra Bhasma 20 mg, Lauha Bhasma 40 mg, Yashad Bhasma 50 mg, Shankh Bhasma 50 mg, Mukta Sukti Pishti 40 mg, Sapta Mrit Lauha 100 mg, Gulkand 1 gm, Amaltas 200 gm, Excipients Q.S.

How to use Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes?

● Consume two tablespoons of Amrutam Eyekey Malt directly or with milk or water twice or thrice a day on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before meals.

Who should be using Amrutam Eyekey Malt | Vedic Recipe for Eyes?

If you are stuck behind a screen for long hours and suffer from eye redness, watery eyes, dry eyes or strain, then Amrutam Eyekey Malt is ideal for you. Works well for eye redness, balancing doshas, and vision improvement.

Gender: All
Age: All
Dosha Type:
Season: All
Time: Morning and evening
Minimum Consumption Period: 3 - 6 months

General Instructions

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


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Mahaveer PRASAD

Nice product

Verified user
Ingredients used

Have been using it for some time, find this product to be promising for the ingredients used and should benefit in long run...

Yogesh Kulkarni

???? ?? ?????????? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???


It helps in relieving all my eye problems.


This cured my regular eye itching.