IMAGINE you get in bed and you immediately fall asleep? Well, now you don't need to imagine anymore because we are celebrating our Hemp Spa Anniversary and are here with some amazing offers that will take your breath away but not your sleep
From 26th November 2022 - 27th November 2022 you can

Get Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Hemp 30 ML travel pack FREE along with all your purchases
& Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Hemp 200 ML worth INR 1349 FREE along with all your purchases above INR 1350

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All you need to know about Amrutam's Hemp Spa

Testimonials from Amrutam Family

Excellent hair spa. Was already in love with the original Kuntal Care Hair Spa, and now love this one too. Really relaxing, and helps after a stressful day. I sleep so well when I have applied this. Leaves hair feeling soft. Very effective. Would highly recommend.


Amrutam Hemp hair spa. Ahh.. the name itself makes me want my weekend to near. It's one of a kind where you get to relax when your hair gets all the nourishment. I've used this mask thrice and the difference it has brought in my hair texture is immeasurable. My hair is much much healthier than it was all my life and I can't thank enough Amrutam for that pleasure. I've used their regular hair spa version too. But hemp hair spa steels the cake for me. After a long slogging week, all you need is a hemp spa. Thank me later, now go place your order and experience it yourself.


This DIY spa is exactly what it promises to be. For the last couple of months, I had been struggling to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep. I have used it twice now and have had the best sleep in months, both times. I applied it over night and woke up feeling relaxed and rested. The spa has a cooling effect on the scalp that helps you relax. My hair feels super soft and there's a shine. Absolutely love the results.

Amulya Mahendra

Okay, so, this product..omg…it just so crazy!
I have been waiting for something like this for years now and Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Hemp is just what I needed.
Have been using it since last two weeks and man, this is true elixir.
Its relaxing, i would leave overnight and wash it next day and its just so rejuvenating.
And it makes my hair so velvety.
I have been a fan of Kuntal care hair spa and now, the one with hemp! This is just the best thing ever!
Cant rave enough.
Dont think, just get it now!!!!

Sending love to team amrutam!

Nivedita Mishra

Wow! This hair spa is one of the best thing I have used for my hair. I use it on the days I feel like giving myself some extra self-care. It not does do wonders for my hair, it's aroma calms my nerves as well. My hairfall has reduced drastically since I have started using it (been a year now!)

Kaaira Gupta