10 Powerful Affirmations For Fertility

10 Powerful Affirmations For Fertility

We all have seen one or two videos while scrolling through our social media saying, “Say these affirmations every morning and see the change in yourself”, but the first thing that comes to our mind do they work. 

Let’s say you go to the doctor because you aren’t feeling well, and the doctor prescribes you some medicines; you will immediately listen to them and soon feel better. Why? Yes, the prescribed medicines worked, but also because you trusted the doctor and the medicines you took to help you recover. Similarly, for an affirmation to work, one should believe in it to work.


So what are affirmations?

In simple terms, affirmations are simply ways to focus on thinking positively and believing in ourselves.


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What role do affirmations play in fertility?

Well there are times where one might face a lot of hurdles to conceive, which might lead to to negative thoughts such as “I’ll never be able to conceive” or “I will never be able to be a mother” this is where these affirmations step in and interrupt those intrusive and unhelpful thoughts. 

While affirmations might sound a bit cringe-worthy, repeating these can reduce stress and maintain a calm and peaceful mind as you go through the process of conceiving.

fertility affirmations


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So here are 10 affirmations you can practice for better fertility:


1. I have the time, resources, and positive mind to bring about perfect conditions for a healthy pregnancy. 

2. With every positive thought, my body gets closer to creating and accepting a child.

3. As I relax, my body lets go of the stress of my miscarriage and build itself up to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

4. I am doing everything in my power to assist my body in cradling a new life.

5. My body is ready and prepared for new life.

6. My womb is ready to invite my baby to nestle and grow.

7. My hormones are perfect and ready to welcome my pregnancy. 

8. My hormones are working in synchronicity to provide the perfect home for new life.

9. My body is in sync and my hormones work together in harmony.

10. I trust in my timing. The timing is perfect.

We hope you find these affirmations helpful in feeling calm and experiencing a happy conception as well as pregnancy experience.