Amrutam Skin Care Routine for Holi 2023

Holi, the vibrant festival of colors, is right around the corner, enticing us with all the pranks and plans it has for us. We’re all a bit too excited for the day and can’t wait to get all happy and colored. But it’s also that time of the year when the seasons are playing hide and seek. Cool and breezy days, sunny afternoons, and chilly evenings were not enough to confuse our skin that even rain peeks in now and then.


It’s that time of the year when we struggle to find the perfect fan speed and don’t know what to do with our blanket.

And during this time, our skin either tightens up or goes dry, seeking attention, nonetheless. So, with Holi approaching and the weird season changes going on, we must protect and safeguard our skin from all the impending harm.

Amrutam family has a deftly curated skin routine that you can follow this Holi.

What to do pre-Holi to safeguard your skin?

● Avoid skin procedures

You should avoid procedures like threading, shaving, waxing, peeling or any laser procedures as these can temporarily damage your skin which in turn can bring forth a golden opportunity for the Holi colors to harm your skin further by entering the cuts or open pores.

● Stay hydrated

Drink lots and lots and lots of water! This is a must for every day, be it Holi or not. Your skin stays healthy only when your entire system is hydrated. Remember that!

● Moisturize

It is highly recommended that you start moisturizing your skin at least a week before Holi. You can moisturize your skin right after a shower or whenever your skin feels rough and dry. Be it any skin type, dry or sensitive or oily, all of them need protection and the best way to give it that protection is by keeping it moisturized. Apart from keeping your skin hydrated, moisturizing your skin will also protect it from the Sun and soothe your sensitive skin from issues like itching or irritation. You can opt for our Ashtagandh Body Lotion, an ayurvedic lotion that exhibits the benefits of eight ancient ingredients such as Chandan, Kesar, and honey.

Steps to take when you step out to play Holi:

● For Your Skin

Don’t you think it’s better to guard your skin against all those possibly toxic colors rather than scrubbing them off later? Hence, I’d rather suggest covering yourself up in full sleeves cotton clothes (so that your skin can still breathe) rather than keeping your skin bare and then fend for itself.

Make sure you oil your entire body with either almond oil or coconut oil to form a protective sheath on your skin. You can also choose an oil from our collection:

1. Poshak Key Massage Oil – Ayurvedic Blend for Abhyanga: It contains almond oil as well as olive oil. This body massage oil will not only safeguard your skin but also make it soft and smooth. It promises to give you clear skin and to tone it up. 

2. Kayakey Body Oil – Ayurvedic Blend for Body Massage: This body massage oil contains almond oil, jaitun oil, jatamansi, sesame, and olives. It protects against the harmful UV radiation from Sun and nourishes your skin for softer and more supple skin. 

3. Nari Sondarya Oil – Enhances the beauty and health of women: This herbal oil has antioxidant properties that can protect your skin from all the harmful chemicals disguised as Holi colors. Not just for Holi, this body oil can be used around the year and you will be delighted with the results it fetches for your skin. 

● For Your Face

This is the part of the skin that is going to remain exposed. So, it’s important to prepare your face for the day. Listed below are a few ways in which you can prepare to face the battle of colors.

1. Ice Cubes – Applying ice cubes for about 10 to 15 minutes just before you go out to play can help close the pores on your skin and block out the colors.

2. Oil Up – Now, this should be a must! You can either choose almond oil or coconut oil or both in equal portions. Or you can use either of the above mentioned Amrutam Herbal Oils. Oil your face to create a barrier between the skin and the harmful colors. Later, it will also make it easier to remove the colors from your face and you don’t have to show up at work looking like a monkey.

3. Petroleum Jelly – You must already be using this on your lips to keep the cracks at bay. Make sure you choose this especially instead of a lipstick so that it forms a barrier and doesn’t let the toxic colors harm your perfectly pout-able lips. Also, do apply some of it on your ears as we tend to forget all about these areas which are the only ones that remain stained for days.

● For Your Nails

Make sure you paint your nails the night before to keep them covered. It will prevent staining of the nailbeds and block the colors from seeping in through the cuticles.

What to do post-Holi celebrations?

● Brush Off the dry colors

The first thing you should do before getting back inside is to brush off all the dry colors of your body as much as possible. Dust it all off using your hands and then step inside your house.

● Stand under running water

To wash away the sticky colors on your skin, this is advisable more than straight away scrubbing.

● Body Wash

Use your body wash to clean the colors, the dust and other random pollutants that have decided to settle on your skin for the day. Gently apply the body wash to clear your skin. Do not rub harshly. Plus, if you’ve already followed the pre-Holi trips like oiling, then the colors should not be too adamant about leaving your skin alone. Psst, we have a really good range of body washes here at Amrutam. You must try them out.

● Body Scrubs

If you still have colors sticking to your skin after using body washes and soap, you can go ahead for a scrub. Here you can find a few recipes to make your home-made natural scrubs. What you can do is prepare them a day before playing Holi and store it. Then, it’ll be ready for use the next day.

● Be gentle with your skin

Do not rub your skin dry. Rather pat it dry. Rubbing will only make your skin rough. So, it’s better if you pat your skin with a dry towel instead.

● Oil Your Skin

Yes, oiling your skin again after playing Holi can aid in the removal of those harmful colors. Use your home-made mixture of almond, castor and coconut oil or opt for any of the above-mentioned herbal oils from Amrutam. Oiling your skin will retain your skin’s glow and nourish it further. Moreover, it will prevent acne or other such skin infections from happening.

● Ubtans and Face Masks

Right here, you’ll find some easy Do-It-Yourself Face Masks that you can prepare and apply later that day or afterward to bring your skin back to health. If you do not have time for a DIY face mask, then you better try our Amrutam Herbal Ubtan Skin Treatment. It cleanses your skin and makes it smooth by getting rid of spots and freckles. We also have Amrutam Face Clean-Up which you can use to deep cleanse your skin pores and clear them of accumulated dirt and color particles.

● Curd-Based Face Mask

There’s another home-made face mask recipe that you can try is Curd Based Face Mask. Take the amount of dahi that you’ll require for your face mask and add a bit of sandalwood powder or turmeric powder or both if you want to. Add a bit of lemon juice in it and white flour in it. This face mask is one hell of an effective way to get the stubborn colors off your skin. Do not forget to include the ears and your neckline as well.

● Stay away from makeup

While the color chemicals are still under your skin, you should avoid using makeup. It’ll help from any adverse reactions that your skin may go through. Plus, post-Holi and due to weather changes, our skin already goes through a lot during this time. So, you should give it a bit of rest and start playing with makeup after a while.

All and all don't get too Bhang in that Rang!



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