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From the evening of March 22nd, all our lives changed – the world paused and so did our beautiful country. The current pandemic – novel coronavirus has changed our lives for now and coming years and the local communities and businesses have been adversely impacted.

It has been more than fifty days now, that all of us together have been living through this pandemic – some working from home, some out there on the front line – ensuring that the cycles of our economy keep running. Amidst all this, Amrutam recognized the responsibility to take necessary measures supporting local communities and businesses. And accordingly, we have made some key changes in how we work, in our processes which has empowered us to knit the local businesses together and provide the best of Ayurvedic experiences and recipes to our customers, to our dear community.

Here are some key changes which we have brought in our processes in the last 50 days:

  • Our team has ensured to closely knit together the local business in Gwalior – the heart of India and redesigned our supply chain in a manner to support the artisans, local women support groups, and the local workforce.
  • We’ve redesigned our personal care packaging boxes (trust us, you’ll love its design – we will reveal the design soon) and these are printed and manufactured by local artisans and printers in Gwalior.
  • For a few of our ingredients, we have turned to our farmer community in Gwalior – to help us create magical recipes with the quality sourced ingredients.
  • Also, regarding the corrugated boxes which you receive with your orders – we have partnered with local vendors to upcycle paper waste and create corrugated boxes that are strong enough to travel across thousands of kilometers, crossing numerous cities to reach your doorstep safely.
    [All our partners have made commendable efforts to ensure safety while creating, designing, cooking and delivering magical Amrutam Ayurvedic recipes to all of #AmrutamFamily members]

Additionally, our team has also been distributing free homemade masks by women and Amrutam Sanitizers to those in need and also, to the public forces – policemen, hospitals and all those who are at fighting at the frontline of this pandemic.

We urge you all to also support local businesses like ours and promote sustainable well-being at a mircostage locally.

P.S. We also have a fun surprise coming for you all in the next few days. Stay tuned.
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