Celebrating Five Years of #AmrutamFamily

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Successful business stories, magazine covers, and feature articles often fail to correctly inform the masses about the hardships incurred during the process. It was 2016 when Amrutam, the brainchild of Sh. Ashok Gupta and Smt. Chandrakanta Gupta was on the verge of withering. Their dream of “serving society and helping ease the suffering of the distressed” seemed to be coming to an end until Stuti and Agnim, their children, revived it. Truly, the energy of pure intentions and the unwavering efforts of the entire family propelled Amrutam to its destiny.

(left to right) Mrs. Gupta, Mr. Gupta, Agnim, Stuti

Time for celebration

The year 2022, marks five incredible years since the rebirth of Amrutam! On this gleaming occasion, we’d love to reflect upon the magnificent journey of learning, reflection, and growth. The narration of their tale started with a dream. A dream of Mr. and Mrs. Gupta is to have something of their own.

इस मामले पर हमारे ख़यालात काफी मिलते जुलते थे| हम दोनों ही कुछ अपना बनाना चाहते थे और हमारी श्रीमती ने यह करने के लिए हमे खूप प्रेरित किया |
Our views on this matter were very similar. We both wanted to make something of our own and my wife inspired me to do so.

Mr. Ashok Gupta

Mr. and Mrs Gupta

Mr. Gupta is a keen observer and an enthralled learner with a lifelong interest in Ayurveda. He had always believed in nature’s alchemy and soon set out on a voyage to interpret the Vedas. He’d sit in the library for hours, and at times he’d read until the sun rose. As for me, I’ve always been an advocate for women’s empowerment. I’d witnessed women being abused financially, and if they wanted to work, the working conditions were never accommodating to their requirements. There was always a peril to their safety as well. We sought to produce authentic ayurvedic recipes along with a workplace atmosphere that felt like a second home. These thoughts resulted in the birth of Amrutam

 Mrs. Chandrakanta

Amrutam: Elixir Of Life

Amrutam is a name that has always piqued our interest. When we asked Mr. Gupta about it, he remarked, “I used to always comprehend Rigveda shlokas and the term Amrut kept reoccurring.” Its literal meaning is “elixir of life.” This resonated with the brand image we appealed to construct, and hence we named our dream Amrutam.”

The Start of Amrutam

Beginnings are never easy for anyone. The same might be said for Mr. and Mrs. Gupta. Apart from creating recipes and growing herbs in Amrutam Vatika all by themselves, they also had to attend to familial responsibilities. Both frequently swapped roles and vowed to never give up. They’d plant herbs in the morning, labor all day, then read as much as they could at night.

During our discussion, Mr. Gupta recalled an instance in which he attempted to plant an almond tree but failed 15 times. Every time he failed, he tried to figure out what went wrong and how he could adapt to it the subsequent time. He triumphed the 16th time after a never-ending cycle of trial and error.

This would have not been possible without my wife. Every time we failed at something, she was there to encourage me to get back on my feet. Unconditional support is often underappreciated, but in our story it played a pivotal role. Whenever we discussed any idea, she’d always be optimistic and the look in her eyes said “I believe in you.” I trusted her intuition and we’d always make our decisions together. I am grateful for her contribution in our journey and through all walks of life.

Mrs. Chandrakanta Gupta


The crucial lessons to be learned from this were to never give up and to always have each other’s back. Mr. Gupta quotes,

“ईश्वर केवल उन्हीं को विजय प्रदान करता है जो अथक प्रयासों से अपने कार्य को सिद्ध करते हैं”
God hands victory to only those who perfect their act through relentless efforts.

Whether it was procuring the raw materials or selecting the right equipment, challenges were faced at every phase of their journey. But for this awe-inspiring couple, quitting was never an option.

Glimpse of Success

The first recipe made at our Amrutam plant was the renowned Amrutam malt, a jam infused with the richness of herbs and infinite nurturance. Its unparalleled medicinal properties and healing efficacy made it a huge success. Mr. Gupta was driven to produce more such recipes after hearing the positive message and seeing Mrs. Chandrakantha’s beaming smile. Today, they co-own Amrutam. Every day continues to add something essential to Amrutam’s legacy. People in multitudes started to join the cause, and Amrutam grew to become a global family of over 100,000 people. Our cherished #AmrutamFamily.

Mr. and Mrs. Gupta consider the Amrutam family to be an emotion rather than a noun. Their love for the community is bountiful and it is reflected every time we mention you. 😊

Amrutam Gold Malt

Their Message for Amrutam Family

“Our only message to the youth of India is to never give up. With belief in your idea, belief in yourself, and with pure intentions, success will be your manifestation. We encourage you to make this world a better place because your karma will seal your fate.”

Mr. and Mrs. Gupta

Conclusively, Team Amrutam thanks you for being a part of our incredible journey, as without your constant love and support, none of this would have been possible.

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