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Traditionally, the process of giving birth and becoming a mother was believed to be a woman’s highest calling. Young girls were prepared physically and emotionally early on in life to be able to devote their lives to being good mothers. But over time, we have all come to the frank realization that motherhood is a lot more than the biological state of being a mother. It is the nurturing of life and soul with little expectation where the child grows to receive endless love and care, inheriting the mother’s quirks and qualities. 

On the special occasion of Mothers’ Day, we spoke to our dear #AmrutamFamily members on their relationships with their mothers and their experiences of being mothers themselves. 

Manali Shah, a content and marketing professional, says:

Manali with her mother Daksha.

“My mother is, quite simply, my favourite person on earth (sorry, dad!). We've always been close and I can't imagine a world in which we're not. I'm forever grateful that my mother understands me, supports me and is proud of me at all times. She makes it a point to always remain updated about what's happening in my life, even taking an effort to learn details about my work-life.” 

The sacrifices of mothers have been lauded since time immemorial and Manali sincerely believes that her mother Daksha, too is one of those superhumans who somehow shouldered responsibility for a gazillion things while also raising two children. She now wants to nurture her relationship with her mother in a way that continues to let her feel that it was all worth it and that she raised a good human being. 

Nidhi Pandya, a third generation Ayurveda practitioner & educator, says, "My mother is a force and has always been there. Her presence in my life has been like a banyan tree that supports me and blesses me, and to wake up every morning knowing that I have someone who thinks about me every day really empowers me."

While some of us have found our best friends and confidants in our mothers, the road to embracing conflicting opinions has not been entirely smooth for the rest of us. 

Diana with her mother.

“My relationship with my mother has been good for the most part but also difficult at times especially during puberty. We both have a strong character and have different opinions. For example, I don’t want children and she isn’t entirely supportive of my decision. She is also always worried that I don’t eat enough but the truth is that I have a thin body-type and she does not understand that either,” says Diana Damian, an Ayurvedic wellness coach and certified peristream hydrotherapist. 

For Akruti Mehta, accounts and finance architect at Amrutam, her relationship with her mother has been ever-evolving. And yet it is her mother who she believes to be her constant support system. “She can make anyone comfortable when she is around and is great with conversations. I believe that kind of warmth is something I have inherited from her,” she adds, “I wish we lived in the same city so we could share our meals together.”

The Mumbai-based Amrutam contributor is a young mother of a toddler, so naturally juggling work and taking care of her son Anvay can be extremely exhausting. 

Akruti with her son Anvay.

“My husband and I divide our work and schedule it in a way where we are both able to spend equal time with our son. On days when I am caught up with meetings, he takes charge and vice versa.” 

But it is their little moments together that make it all worth it. “There are times when I am the only one who can understand what he wants when he doesn’t even utter a word. Motherhood can make you selfless,” adds Akruti

For Nidhi, the journey of becoming a mother has been exceptionally enriching as well. She describes being a mother as being placed in front of a mirror where you are constantly cognizant of your actions because you always want to create a good example for your children. "It has encouraged me to be a better and more responsible human being, and to be a witness to their wonderful journey of growth and adulthood."

As kids, we imbibe so much just by observing our parents - the words they choose, how they interact with other adults, and even how they treat themselves. It takes a lot of open-mindedness to acknowledge and accept that our mothers are individuals with their distinct identities first and mothers later. Our mothers were quick to discard their own needs and desires and prioritized the ambitions of their children. And while that was the norm a few years ago, young mothers are finally understanding the importance of setting the right examples by prioritizing their wellness equally. 

“I consider myself incredibly lucky to have grown up watching my mother be many things — a refuge for anyone with a woe, a rock for her husband, a bottomless well of love for her daughters, and an oasis of calm for everyone who needed it. Her empathy, gentleness, ability to forgive even those who wrong her, and gratitude towards life itself, all inspire me to be a better person every single day,” explains Manali. 

With the world going online, geography is no longer a barrier. Skype and Zoom calls have made it easier for us to find ways to spend meaningful time with our moms - be it the early morning joint yoga classes or figuring out alternatives and replacements for the family recipes. But no amount of staring at the screen can evoke the feeling of comfort of our moms giving us their good old Champis (head massage).

Our mothers have played a huge role in nourishing our luscious, healthy hair with their loving fingers doing their magic since when we were babies. And now, it is time for us to return the favor with a whole lot of love! 

This Mothers’ Day, we urge you to gift your moms #ChampiWalaLove with Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Hair Oil. Infused with the goodness of Neem, Gudahal and Balcchad it is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation made with lots of love, care and prayers. 

Team Amrutam wishes all the amazing mothers a very happy Mothers’ Day!


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