India and the Growing Weight Problem

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Did you know weight loss is a top search term in India? A recent study in Ann Neurosci a concerning picture: over 40% of Indians struggle with obesity, increasing their risk of serious health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimer's.

Interestingly, the study found that urban, educated individuals had higher obesity rates than their rural counterparts. While development brings many benefits, it seems our modern lifestyles and diets may come at a cost. The prevalence of obesity among urban, educated populations was a staggering 45%, compared to 36% in rural areas.

This clearly shows the impact our daily choices have on our health.

My Weight Loss Journey: A Lifestyle Change, Not a Quick Fix

I can personally relate to this. Over a few years, I went from overweight to obese due to a combination of factors: an undiagnosed chronic illness and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

However, in the past year, I've managed to lose almost 10 kilograms through significant lifestyle and dietary changes. There's no magic bullet here; it took dedication and time to reverse years of unhealthy habits.

The Key to Weight Loss: Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Forget fad diets and miracle weight-loss products. Sustainable weight loss requires commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Here's what worked for me:

  1. Balanced Macronutrients: I focused on getting enough carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber in my diet. This ensures my body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly.
  2. Boosting Metabolism: In the summer months, I incorporated buttermilk into my diet, while initially using triphala (an Ayurvedic herbal formulation) to aid digestion.
  3. Daily Movement: Aim for at least an hour of movement every day, even if it's just a brisk walk or some light activity.

Remember, weight loss is a journey, not a destination. By making sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can reach your goals and improve your overall health.

Additional Tips:

  • Consult a doctor or registered dietitian for personalized guidance at
  • Find activities you enjoy to make exercise more sustainable.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection. There will be setbacks, but don't give up!


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