A Young Banker's Journey into Sexual Life in Mumbai

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Mumbai! The city that never sleeps, buzzing with honking rickshaws, garam chai on every corner, and the exciting energy of young people chasing their dreams. That's where I found myself, Tanya, a 23-year-old banker who just landed a job in this crazy city. Originally from a small town in Rajasthan, I was a shy girl, used to the quiet life and familiar faces. Mumbai was a whole new world, both thrilling and overwhelming.

One thing led to another, and I found myself exploring a whole new side of life - love and physical intimacy. It was exciting, a whirlwind of emotions and discoveries. But soon, I noticed changes in my body and mind that I couldn't ignore. I'd feel tired all the time, my back would ache, and sometimes, for no reason, I'd get these mood swings that left me feeling anxious.

(The Good Old Days)

Back in Rajasthan, life was simple. My days were a routine of work at the local bank, evenings spent with family, and weekends catching up with friends over steaming cups of chai. Taking care of myself? Well, maybe a face mask once a week and some yoga poses I'd try to do while checking work emails. My periods weren't exactly painless, but they came on time, and my skin, while not perfect, did alright. Energy levels were good enough to keep up with the slow pace of life back home.

(The Beginning of the Change)

The changes after becoming sexually active were undeniable. The fatigue, which started as a slight tiredness, became a constant companion. Sleep, which used to come easily, became fragmented, leaving me dragging through the day. My once-reliable back started aching, a constant reminder of the new physical activity. But the emotional shifts were even more surprising. Mood swings, something I never experienced before, became a reality. There were moments of heightened anxiety, a feeling of being on edge for no reason.

(Finding Balance)

Ignoring these changes wasn't an option. Mumbai's vibrant energy, which I initially loved, started to feel overwhelming. I knew I needed to find a way to navigate this new terrain within myself. It was time to prioritize self-care, to listen to my body, and to find a way to integrate this new dimension of life into my existing routine.

(New Beginnings)

(Morning to Night)

The first step was to sleep. Mumbai's nightlife might be tempting, but I traded late-night adventures for a relaxing bedtime ritual. Early nights became the new normal, with calming lavender oil filling my tiny apartment with its soothing scent. Mornings, once reserved for hitting the snooze button repeatedly, were transformed with gentle stretches and some simple yoga poses to get my energy flowing.

(Taking Care of Myself)

Taking care of myself went beyond just the physical. Self-massage with calming Kumkumadi oil became a nightly ritual, a time to unwind and reconnect with my body. My diet, previously a mix of convenience food and late-night deliveries, took a healthy turn. I started focusing on balanced meals with fresh vegetables and dal, and I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Nourishing my body from within became a priority. I also added this Nari Sondarya Malt, and it really worked for my hormones. My energy levels were higher and even worked for my libido.

(Mind and Body Connection)

The mind and body are connected, and I knew I couldn't neglect the mental aspect. Meditation, which I always thought was "too fancy," became a safe haven. Taking just 10 minutes each day to focus on my breath and quiet the constant chatter in my mind brought a sense of calm I hadn't experienced before. 


The changes weren't immediate, but gradually, a transformation began. The fatigue that had become my constant companion started to fade. My sleep became deeper, more restorative. The emotional rollercoaster I'd been experiencing began to level out. My periods, once a source of discomfort, became more manageable. Even my skin seemed to benefit from the newfound focus on self-care, regaining its natural glow.


Prioritizing self-care wasn't a fad, it was a lifeline. It was about listening to the subtle cues my body was sending, understanding its needs, and responding with kindness. This journey of sexual exploration had opened my eyes to the intricate connection between my physical and mental well-being.

It wasn't about deprivation or restriction, but about finding a balance, a rhythm that worked for me. Today, I feel more empowered and ready to take on the exciting adventures that Mumbai has to offer, all while keeping myself healthy and happy!


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