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The bustle and stress of modern life have taken self-care to a whole new level. At an earlier age, we considered having food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over one’s head as the epitome of self-care. But as Humanity progressed, we came to understand the importance of emotional and mental health. Most people, including myself, find the constant stress of work, chores and studies physically and mentally draining. A simple solution would be to take time off, but we all know “Time and Tide wait for none”. Fear not Dear Readers, for we at Amrutam may have just the kit that could serve as a suitable alternative for you.

Presenting the all-new Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle – Introductory Kit. This practical, yet charming kit has all the essentials to combat your stress, bolster your health and give you those feel-good vibes!!! The pros of competing in the daily rat-race do not really justify the cons. Most people would not be okay with trading away mental and physical health for success and financial gains. Although distancing yourself entirely from the modern world is impossible, you can try to incorporate certain practices that calm your mind and body. The art of Ayurveda provides you with just that, a way to calm down.

Contents of the Kit.

The kit contains the following items to start you down the path of peace and health:

  1. A Toothbrush and a Tongue Cleaner. We chose Bamboo as the raw material to craft these rustic toiletries. Not only are they better for the environment and sustainable in the longer run, but they also have natural anti-microbial properties making them an excellent replacement for plastic and Electric Toothbrushes.
  2. Along with the above, we have included the Dentkey Manjan, an Ayurvedic Tooth Powder. For creating this recipe, we took inspiration from Ancient Ayurvedic texts. It contains Akarkara, Akhrot, Babool and other herbs which help in maintaining oral hygiene. This authentic Ayurvedic powder is sure to keep your mouth clean and leave you feeling cleansed and fresh.
  1. The Kit also includes a trendy Amrutam Jute bag to help you carry all your essentials while leaving a smaller carbon print on the planet. The fabric is tough, resistant to wear and tear and most importantly eco-friendly.
  2. We have also included a beautiful Poster that lays out the basic Ayurvedic/Vedic structure of humanity within the kit. A room with this poster up will most definitely be alluring and attractive!
  3. The last in our list of non-consumable products is the “Ayurveda Lifestyle – The Beginning” Paperback Version. The book covers all the basics one must know when stepping into the world of Ayurveda. It also contains interactive quizzes which will help you determine your Prakriti and Vikruti.
  1. Next up, we have a few Herbals blends. Texts describe the Budhi Key Herb as a Medhya Rasayana (enhances the function of the brain). You can also use the product for topical applications on the skin and hair. The Detox Key Herb is a potent herbal blend that detoxifies the body by removing built-up ama. Lastly, the Kapha Key Herbs, Pitta Key Herbs and Vata Key Herbs can be used depending on the individual’s Prakriti and Vikruti. The three herbal blends maintain the balance between the Doshas and soothe the mind and body.
  2. We have also included the Kayakey Body Oil in the kit. This herbal massage oil contains Sesame, Almond Oil, Jatamansi and other ingredients that nourish and protects the skin. In addition to strengthening and nourishing the skin, the Kayakey Oil also protects it from UV damage.
  1. Lastly, we have two delicious snacks to round off our product list. The delicious yet healthy Madhu Panchamrut and the classic Gulkand. Both the Madhu Panchamrut and the Gulkand are authentic Amrutam recipes taken straight from Ayurvedic texts. While the Gulkand provides a cooling effect to the body, the Madhu Panchamrut can be used to manage weight, improve skin texture, cure allergies, sore throats and more.

Why the Ayurveda Kit is just the thing for you.

We at Amrutam have put together the Ayurveda Lifestyle- Introductory Kit specifically to promote a healthier lifestyle. The kit contains all the essentials you need to step into the world of Ayurveda and follow an Ayurveda inspired Daily Schedule that is bound to leave you feeling fresh, satisfied and content. Most importantly the “Ayurveda Lifestyle – The Beginning” is a superb way for a beginner to start learning all about Ayurveda. We spent countless hours designing the book to provide maximum knowledge regarding the art of Ayurveda without causing too much confusion. The book contains information regarding the basics, working principles and elements of Ayurveda. We have also included an entire section dedicated to Ayurveda inspired Recipes!!!

If you are looking for an engaging read to get you hooked on Ayurveda “Ayurveda Lifestyle – The Beginning” is what you have been searching for. The items included within the kit will help you in your journey to find bliss and peace. We have created a simple yet efficient daily schedule that one may follow using the items available in the Kit.

A Daily Schedule you can follow:

  • Mornings are a time of quiet thought and contemplation. To ensure a proper start to the day, wake up before sunrise. This simple trick will leave your body fresh and energetic. According to Vedic texts, the first rays of the sun are quite potent and the air is brimming with Kapha Energy. Spend a couple of minutes to get the circulation going before heading to the bathroom. Use the Bamboo Toothbrush, Tongue Cleaner and the Dentkey Manjan to properly brush and clean your mouth. The process of scraping your tongue is exceptionally important according to Ayurveda. Scraping your tongue gets rid of the built-up Ama and leaves you feeling fresh.
  • The next step to a healthy day is a healthy breakfast. A large portion of the world believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a bunch of reasons exists that reinforce this thought. Eating a well-rounded breakfast with appropriate amounts of fiber is crucial to having a good day. The Madhu Panchamrut can help you balance your breakfast out. Pair it with your breakfast to observe optimal results. One combination is having a bowl of cornflakes and adding a spoon of Madhu Panchamrut to it.
  • Ayurveda describes massaging the body with warm, herb-infused oil as Abhyanga. Getting an Abhyanga at least once a week is sure to reduce stress, improve skin health, loosen muscles, reduces stiffness, increase energy and relax the body. The Kayakey Body Oil can be used for your weekly Abhyangas. The herbal additives in the oil protect the skin from UV exposure in addition to the above-mentioned effects.
  • Evenings are the perfect time for some relaxing and a hot cup of tea sets just the mood. The kit includes five herbal tea blends that you can take depending on your Dosha or Ama build-up. Kick back with a cup of Hot herbal Tea, grab your copy of the “Ayurveda Lifestyle – The Beginning” and enjoy the beautifully put together guide!
  • Finally, the time before sleep is when your body is at its most vulnerable. After a filling meal make sure to take your daily dose (1 teaspoon) of the Gulkand before hitting the hay. The delicious rose preserve kick starts your defense systems, pumps your body with anti-oxidants and prevents gastric problems.

Although self-care may seem difficult at times, we hope to ease the process with this Kit. The Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle – Introductory Kit is a wonderful and thoughtful gift, be it for you or others!


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