Vegan Ayurveda: a step towards self-love and healing

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“Vegan Ayurveda?”

“Is it even a term?”

“But wait, wasn’t Ayurveda always Vegetarian or Vegan?”

Did the title bombard you with any of these questions? If so, you aren’t alone. We often speak about veganism and Ayurveda in isolation; the sound of them in tandem isn’t quite musical, but believe me, its rationale is truly fascinating!

The science of Ayurveda

The misconception that Ayurveda is a vegetarian science often tags along. Little do we know that the Ayurvedic lifestyle focuses on developing eating habits that are in harmony with the body’s needs and following recommendations according to doshas. This is irrespective of the plant or animal source of nutrition.

We believe that the concept of personalization surfaced in the later centuries, whereas the fact is that it had always been there in Indian culture. Ayurveda is a prime example of it.

So how does vegan Ayurveda kick into the equation?

Veganism practices abstaining from animal-derived products. Consequently, it reduces carbon footprint and alleviates the suffering of other beings by virtue of ahimsa, compassion & empathy. And as for Ayurveda, this age-old wisdom from our sages has always preached attaining balance at every level for a fulfilled life. Their amalgamation only beautifies one another. This potent dyad ensures physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual well-being. A holistic approach towards healing and growth

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Before we begin, identifying our body types and needs becomes crucial. Take this dosha test if you haven’t yet. It’ll help you learn a lot about yourself.

Vatta balancing food items:

Vatta is made of space and air, therefore they should consider having hot, soft, static, slimy, and slow foods that combat these attributes.

Pitta balancing food items:

A Pitta is made of fire and water; they’re known to have strong Agni. Attributes such as sweetness, bitterness, along with cool and astringent flavors, fight Tikshna Agni (hypermetabolism).

Kapha balancing food items: 

Kapha is made of water and earth elements. Stimulants that are dry, light, warm, & pungent in nature with a bitter taste help balance the slow-moving activity of the Kapha dosha.

Hint: Out of the three doshas, people with Kapha dosha could reap greater benefits as they’re suggested to stay away from heavy foods like dairy and poultry items.

A plant-based diet is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidants, and fibers, all of which are celebrated for reducing the risk of high mortality diseases like cancer, heart ailments, sugar, and cholesterol. And did I mention that it also reduces unhealthy body fat? Fantastic, right? Furthermore, greens serve as an excellent supplement to our brains; Keeping energy levels replenished! High energy stores allow our bodies to act with more diligence, agility, and serenity. It even shoos away mind-fog and lets meditation steep in deeper to activate the 7 chakras.

7 Chakras of the body

Did you know empaths are more likely to go vegan than any other personality type?

Now that I’ve briefed you on what to do, let’s discuss things that aren’t supposed to be done while practicing this diet.

  • As evident as it is, intake of processed foods
  • Consuming stale produce
  • Missing out on supplements (vitamin B12, iron and your omega-3’s.)
  • Eating an imbalanced diet
  • Not taking enough sunlight (vitamin D is important too)
  • Adopt veganism because it’s a #trend
  • Striving for perfection in the initial phases (or even later ones for that matter)

In addition, following a dincharya (routine) exponentially increases the gains of adopting this lifestyle.

Create your dincharya with our favorite Amrutam Planner!

Routine is the law of nature, and that is how our bodies are wired to function. They’re designed to follow a rhythm. Commencing the day with yogasana (yoga), dhyana (meditation), and abhyanga (massage) connects us with our higher selves and fills the spirit with divinity.

Make your tailor-fit routine today

The first move towards any change is knowing where to start. Gradation is the most crucial step in changing a lifestyle. This tiny decision will give your body a smooth transition to get accustomed to the new habits. We start by swapping one item at a time. Increasing portions of leafy greens on your plate, swapping meat with veggies, milk with soy milk, and so on and so forth. These practices are paralleled with those of Ayurveda, while also keeping your doshas in mind. The inculcation of discipline, patience, and gratitude during our journey to self-betterment just adds the cherry on top!

“And it is always important to remember: Your happiness lies within you.”


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