Why is being vulnerable good for your health?

"Men don't cry", "mard ko dard nahi hota", "don't be a cry baby" and all other such social constructs built around a man's gender identity are toxic and suffocating.

This month, at Amrutam, we've decided to break these stereotypes and talk about matters which concern men.

It's important that we talk about issues concerning men and become a part of the movement #letskillthetaboo.

How many times have you been a part of a scenario - where your friend, father, partner have felt uncomfortable with showcasing their sadness?

Men are socially trained to believe in notions like "men should not cry", "don't cry like a girl", "don't be emotional" etc and these have a negative impact on their mental health.

Men have a suicide rate three times higher than women.
1 in 3 men have been the victims of domestic violence.
Men on average die 4-5 years before women.

Do you know men are 30% less likely to visit a health professional when compared to women, and according to a psychological study, one of the reasons behind this is the stereotypes which men deal with since a very young age.

It's okay to be emotional. It's okay to be vulnerable. It's okay to not be strong.

It's necessary that we give men in our lives the space to share and talk about emotions and tell them it's okay.

Why being Vulnerable is good for your health? 

1. Being vulnerable will teach you how to trust
2. Vulnerability will teach you how to love yourself #AmrutamSelfLove
3. Being vulnerable is good for your physical and mental health
4. Being vulnerable can also lead to a better work environment

We hope you will join us this month in spreading the word. #letskillthetaboo.