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Here's a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • Oiling your hair or as we Indians like to call it ‘champi’ is a common ritual in Indian households. Apart from strengthening familial bonds, this practice of regularly oiling your hair has numerous benefits. Check them out here.
  • Did you know that natural sulfur present in onions helps in breakage, split-ends and thinning of hair? Amrutam’s Onion Oil is an Ayurvedic formulation that tackles hair fall and prevents baldness and hair loss.
  • Fashion blogger Sakshi Sindwani (@stylemeupwithsakshi) has joined the #KuntalCareMarathon and has shared a lovely video of her Ayurvedic hair care routine. Tap on to watch!
  • #AmrutamFamilyReviewProject is a step further in engaging with our community and incorporating their inputs in everything we do! With every review you share on our e-store, you help us improve. Win up to 100 wallet points with each review! Hurry!!
  • Last weekend we asked our community members how were they planning to spend their day. Tell us how are you planning to spend your week! We love being included in your plans and ideas. 😊
  • For those who have been waiting for an Amrutam Hair Conditioner, wait no more! We have something awesome brewing up just for you!

A quote we like

  • “Keep all variables aside. Look inward and come up with what you would do right now to make things better. And just do that.”

Articles you might enjoy reading

  • Badam Giri – the bestfriend for your body, hair and skin
  • A rich source of Vitamin E and protein two very sought-after nutrients, Badam Giriis one of the most powerful superfoods. In addition, it also happens to be packed with calcium, iron and fiber. For the appropriate growth and harvest of Almonds it is very essential for bees to pollinate their trees and the almond farmers/growers are pretty prudent about creating a prosperous environment for these bees.

  • The superfruit of the 21st century - Sitafal
  • Sitafal is a spherical conical fruit of bluish-green colour with a tint of pink in its crevices between the shelled segments. The Sugar Apple species is native to the tropical regions of America and West Indies. It is found all over India now. Did you know Sitafal is known to have cousins named Ramphal (Annona reticulata) and Lakshman Phal (Annona muricata).

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