Rediscovering Ayurveda x Dr Akash Tekale

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In this week’s article of our Rediscovering Ayurveda series, we interviewed Dr Akash Tekale.

Meet Dr Akash Tekale

Currently on his COVID duty at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Ayurveda, Pune, Dr Akash holds three years of experience with a focus on paediatrics. He claims that Ayurveda has completely transformed his life, owing to which he wants to help others heal through his knowledge. He is also an Ayurvedic Expert at Amrutam.Global – Amrutam’s platform for people seeking holistic living.

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You will be surprised to learn that before taking admission in BAMS, he didn’t quite believe in the science. It was only after learning the depth and immensity of Ayurveda was he convinced that we needed to preserve this ancient science because only Ayurveda could cure our ailments from the roots.

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“When I was in school, I came across a relative who was tired of undergoing allopathic treatments and resorted to Ayurveda for his ailments. It was surely a slow process; the Vaidya claimed that it took time to balance the doshas in the body. But eventually, my relative was healthy again and there was, fortunately, no relapse.”

See? Ayurveda may certainly be a slow process but it does treat the ailment right from its roots to make sure that there is no recurrence. And the best part is Ayurvedic treatments are natural, with herbs and medicines taken right from nature’s basket. No wonder why in COVID times, people in large numbers are inclining towards Ayurveda!

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Knowledge from the granthas

When asked what keeps him motivated to keep doing what he does, Akash tells me how it is his fascination with the ancient texts and granthas that listed the causes and treatments of diseases about 5000 years ago that keep him curious and going. “Acharya Sushruta performed plastic surgery thousands of years ago with limited instruments and resources. If we are to follow his footsteps today, we can surely keep many diseases at bay,” he adds.

“I’ve been on my COVID duty which calls for long hours of work and almost negligible rest. There were times I felt low and exhausted but then I started doing yoga, pranayamas, and regularly consuming Chawanprash. It keeps me fresh and active and now I can work without any break! Sometimes, I end up working for hours without realizing it at all.”

Nothing can alleviate our muscles the way yoga does. Along with being an excellent form of physical workout, it is also helpful in calming the mind and reducing anxiety. Dr Akash also enjoys performing Abhyanga (oil-massage) as frequently as possible.

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Biggest influences

When asked about who has had the biggest influence on him to lead a healthier lifestyle, he tells us his Guru ji has inspired him deeply to follow this path. He goes on, “My Guru ji is 80 years old today and yet is super healthy. Even at this age, he regularly practices yoga, eats Chawanprash and follows the basic Ayurvedic Dinacharya.”

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“These days there’s a lot of misleading information out there. For instance, if look at a body builder’s diet, you will see them consuming fruits and milk together. They also work out more than their body-weight which is wrong. Ayurveda strictly proscribes consumption of fruits and dairy as it causes dosha imbalance. It is important to know what we are consuming and what’s the rationale behind what we eat and do. Ayurveda prescribes everything in detail and it’s time that we start following it.”

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Dr Akash believes that while performing yoga, it is crucial that we keep the breathing technique in mind since yoga is much more than just physical postures. Shwasa Ucchwas is very important when we practice asanas, this has also been illustrated in the ancient granthas. While there are several tutorials on learning yoga online today, taking specific advice from qualified experts is beneficial as they customize your practice. Awareness is certainly necessary and Dr Akash Tekale is trying his best to make sure he spreads as much awareness about both yoga and Ayurveda as possible.

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We thank Dr Akash Tekale for his indispensable efforts especially during trying times like these and are beyond grateful to have him as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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