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Amrutam Gulkand

Amrutam Gulkand | Ayurvedic Rose Petals Jam

From Rs. 209.00
● Amrutam’s Gulkand brings the right hint of sweetness to your life with roses handpicked from our own Amrutam Vatika and preserved to make the perfect herbal rose jam enriched...
Amrutam's Anar Sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Extracts Of Anar | Pomegranate Juice

Rs. 349.00
● Amrutam's Ayurvedic Anar Sharbat is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin K and C, copper, zinc, potassium and iron. All these nutrients make it an excellent Vata-Pitta dosha pacifier. ● This...
Amrutam's Amla Sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Extracts Of Amla | Indian Gooseberry

Rs. 349.00
 ● Amrutam's Amla Sharbat contains the goodness of Brahmi, Bael Phal, and Giloy extracts that make it an awesome natural coolant, and appetizer. ● Rich in anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and...
kacha aam ka sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Extracts Of Kacha Aam | Raw Mango

Rs. 349.00
● Amrutam's Ayurvedic Kacha Aam Sharbat is the most tasteful way to restore essential minerals and electrolyte concentrations. ● Kacha Aam is a good source of anti-oxidants, Vitamin B1 and B2,...
Amrutam's Ayurvedic Falsa Sharbat

Amrutam Ayurvedic Sharbat With Falsa

Rs. 499.00
● Falsa or Phalse has rich reserves of iron, which are vital in maintaining an ideal blood flow between organs and body tissues. ● It is enriched with healing agents...

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