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Hundreds of years ago, people used Manjan for keeping their teeth clean and free from bacteria. But over the years, the concept of manjan became old and an unpopular traditional idea. Experts believe that our ancestors created manjan many thousands of years ago. Today many people believe that it is an ineffective method. In this reading, we will try to clear your doubts and misassumptions about manjan. From how it works to what it contains, we will try to explain everything about it. 

What is Manjan? 

This may be the first thought some of you may have after hearing the word manjan. Fear not; we will do our best to acquaint you with this miracle of a product. It is a tooth powder that contains different ayurvedic ingredients, including cloves, black catechu, salt, neem, and many other herbal and medicinal plants that are healthy for your gums and teeth. The manjan is a powder that varies from light brown to a little darker brown in terms of its appearance. 

The Amrutam Dentey Manjan is made of our personal blend of herbs and spices based on their synergy with each other. We handpick the ingredients required and run them through multiple lab tests before using them. This processing takes quite some time but allows us to create products only with the best ingredients! The final product is an effective yet easy-to-use powder that helps you maintain your overall oral hygiene and health.

The Benefits of using Dentkey Manjan 

Now that we have cleared up the basics let's move on to how the Amrutam Dentkey Manjan can help you improve your dental health!

• Research has proven that manjan is more effective at removing stains and plaque than toothpaste. 

• They are free from any potentially harmful chemicals, including artificial flavours and colours, which can be detrimental to your teeth. 

• Manjans are safe for children and adults as it is a natural formula made from all ayurvedic ingredients. 

• Manjans also helps to deal with sensitivity issues. As we know, sensitivity in teeth is caused when your teeth start losing their minerals. That's when manjan comes in the centre stage; it works on your teeth through the remineralization process. It provides minerals to your teeth. It also helps cut down teeth sensitivity and decay through remineralizing. 

• One of the biggest perks of manjan is that it's made from all-natural ingredients. It promotes not just dental health but your overall health as well. As your dental health declines, the risk of dementia, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues increases. So switching to manjan is good for your overall health as well. 

The primary ingredients in the Dentkey Manjan 

Manjan contains a wide range of medicinal herbs and plants. Here is a list of some of the key ingredients in Dentkey Manjan to better understand why it works so well!

• Neem- It is a rich source of sodium, potassium and iron. They also provide the required calcium for your teeth. Neem is the super herb that helps to cleanse and purify the mouth. Now, this goes without saying, but neem is a very powerful healing substance and has myriad properties in addition to helping with teeth issues. The Neem Oil and the Kuntal Care Hair Spa (with Neem) are two of our best Neem infused products and are worth checking out!

• Babool- It consists of 2 effective acids: Tannins and galic acids. Studies have identified that these compounds possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, haemostatic and astringent properties that help manage tooth infections. 

• Dalchini-Also known as cinnamon, Dalchini has powerful antibacterial properties which help to fight tooth decay. 

• Cloves- Ayurveda recommends using Cloves for any too related ailments, especially toothache. It helps to clean your mouth and also may reduce the pain and sensitivity caused by toothache. (Follow this link to read more about Cloves and their various benefits.)

• Kanthkari- People also recognize it by the name the 'Indian nightshade'. This plant grows throughout the Indian sub-continent. Experts consider it very helpful in dealing with Dental infections and also helping to reduce the redness of gums. 

How to use it? 

You must have seen people doing manjan with their fingers, which looks unclean and messy, right? Here is a modern and efficient way to use the Dentkey Manjan and still feel classy. 

• Take your toothbrush and run it through under tap water. 

• Dip it in the manjan and the powder will stick to it due to the wetness. 

• Now brush your teeth as you usually would for a minute or two. 

• Finally, rinse your mouth with tap water. 

The best part about this non-toxic and utterly natural formulation is that it will effectively clean your teeth and leave you with a brighter smile. Now that you know everything there is, go on to our stores and check out our Dentkey Manjan and let us know your reviews. Happy shopping!


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