Rakta Chandan: A Natural Soap

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Do you know that air pollution produces free radicals which cause skin aging? It is not the only harmful effect that pollution does there are plenty more. So to resolve this problem customers mostly tend to get lured towards chemical-based products which might give you a temporary solution along with long-term bad effects. Therefore, the only way to not get harmed is by using any Ayurvedic/natural product like our ASHTAGANDH BODY LOTION enriched with Rakta Chandan

Kingdom Plantae
Species Pterocarpus Santalinus
Common names Red Sanders, Saunderswood, Red Sandalwood
Can be found in South India

Rakta Chandan is rich in red color and its wood is not aromatic like Chandan. The physical properties are as follows:

  • It is a small tree that grows to 8m tall.
  • The trunk of this tree is 50-150 cm in diameter.
  • Within 3 years it reaches a height of 5m. Thus it grows at a very high speed initially.
  • The leaves are alternate that is 3-9 cm long.
  • Its flowers are so small, that seen from a distance it looks like a bush.
  • The fruit is 6-9 cm long that gives 1-2 seeds seasonally.

Different Rakta Chandan face packs for healthy skin

Due to its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to get clear skin. So, when it is used with other Ayurvedic herbs it creates magic as other properties also help to make the skin better. Hence, here are some face packs that you can try:

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  • Mix coconut oil(1 tablespoon) and Rakta Chandan (1 tablespoon) to use it for dry areas like the cheek and elbow area. Moreover, all the chemical-based moisturizing products can be replaced by it especially for winters.
  • If you have acne-prone skin, neem (1 tablespoon) would be helpful with Rakta Chandan (1/2 tablespoon) as both have cooling properties. Rose water (2 tablespoons) can also be mixed with it to get much better results.
  • When lemon juice (1 tablespoon) is mixed with Rakta Chandan (1/2 tablespoon) it helps to create sebum that regulates oil in the skin. Hence, it helps with oily skin problems.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of curd/milk with 1/2 tablespoon of turmeric and mix it with 1 tablespoon of Rakta Chandan to get rid of uneven skin. Therefore, removing dark spots and pigmentation.
  • When cucumber (2 tablespoons of crushed cucumber) is mixed with Rakta Chandan (1 tablespoon) it helps to remove suntan.
  • Different oils can be mixed with it to get moisturized and soft skin like almond oil (1 tablespoon) and coconut oil(1 tablespoon). It also helps to get glowing skin.

Cure for different health problems

As this tree has anti-inflammatory (Shothhar), healing (Rapan), cooling properties (Sita), etc it helps to cure many different diseases. Here are some benefits that you may find helpful for your health problems:

  • Beneficial for boils/burns - as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it helps to reduce the growth of bacteria. Moreover, its cooling properties also help to reduce the burning sensation caused by burns.
  • Headache - this problem mostly happens due to an increase in the Pitta Dosha. So, its relaxing and cooling properties help to balance the Pitta Dosha and also reduces the tension.
  • Wound healing - The oil of the Rakta Chandan tree has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties, and antioxidants that help in the formation of new skin cells. It also helps to fight bacteria that may cause harm to the wound.
  • Diabetes - the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent pancreatic cell damage and enhance insulin secretion. It might also manage blood sugar levels.
  • Manages liver problem - The hepatoprotective properties and flavonoids help to fight against free radicals and prevent liver cell damage.
  • Maintain cholesterol level - It helps to lower the bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Thus, increasing the level of good cholesterol.


Rakta Chandan soap

There is no better way to use it than a bar of soap as it helps to give you a soft and fresh start to your day. Nowadays people are into homemade things so a soap can also be made at home but with precautions. Here are some detailed steps (including ingredients) that you can try to make your own soap:

Ingreidient Quantity
Olive oil 40%
Coco oil 25%
Lard 20%
Shea butter 10%
Castor oil 5%
Kaolin clay 1 tablespoon
Titanium oxide 2 tablespoon
Jasmine essential oil 6g
Raktachandan essential oil 6g
Lavender essential oil 3g
Purple oxide 1 tablespoon
lye+water 22%

Procedure to make Rakta Chandan soap:

  • Take lye and water in a stainless steel pot. Put it on gas (do not breathe the fumes).
  • Now take all the oils and heat them with lard until everything is melted.
  • Take the temperature of both the solution i.e. oil and lye solution (it should be around 100-125 degrees). Now mix both the solutions together (until the texture becomes smooth). Name this mixture A.
  • Now add titanium oxide and kaolin clay to all the essential oils. After you mix this pour it into the other mixture A.
  • When you have mixed all the ingredients just add some purple oxide slowly by dividing the pre-mixed ingredients into half.
  • Pour the mixture into the moulds and swirl a stainless steel spoon through the raw soap.
  • Cover the soap with a blanket and let it rest for about 24 hours/a day.
  • After resting it for a whole day, air the soap for a few more hours before taking them out.
  • Now you can use this soap for daily purposes to make your skin flawless and smooth.

Tip- you can also try moulds of different shapes and sizes to make your soap more attractive.


In conclusion, Rakta Chandan is the best way to give your skin a rejuvenating treatment and to make it healthy. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help the body to fight with different bacteria and hence cure different health issues like liver problems, diabetes, headache, the bad cholesterol. With its cooling properties, it gives a fresh effect to the skin and makes it more glowing and younger. Therefore it can be used in a paste form with some other things as well like neem, rose, cucumber, etc to get better results. Hence, it is a miraculous tree for your skin, body, and mind.

Reference- Red sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus L. f.): biology, importance, propagation and micropropagation


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Juhi Bhatt

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