Six Simple And Easy Harad Recipes

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The King of Medicines is just one name given to the wonder herb, Harad. Harad, or Haritaki as it is known in Sanskrit, is an Ayurvedic herb that has seen use since time immemorial.  Although its primary effect is on the gut system, the herb has also been found to be useful in treating open cuts, reducing cholesterol levels, acting as an efficient mouth cleanser, etc. Harad is also currently being tested for its potential therapeutic role in the treatment of Arthritis.

Keeping its various uses in mind, we have for you today another DIY Ayurvedic recipe article featuring the use of Haritaki. The recipes mentioned below are super simple to follow and can quite easily be made at your home.

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Recipe 1: Plain Old Haritaki Powder

The simplest recipes are those that involve the use of the fewest ingredients. Harad, being the wonder herb it is, is capable of providing relief to a range of stomach problems. All you have to do is take half – one teaspoon of Harad powder along with one other ingredient which varies as per the seasons.

  1. In spring, consume Harad powder with Honey
  2. During summer, the same Harad powder is recommended to be consumed along with Jaggery
  3. In the monsoon, take the powder along with Rock Salt
  4. In Autumn, consume Harad powder with plain Sugar or Sharkara
  5. During the transition period from autumn to winter, it is recommended to consume Harad along with Ginger
  6. In Winter, Long Pepper is the recommended accompaniment to Harad

How to Use: Consult the recipe list and identify the appropriate add-on to the Harad powder. Mix the two and consume them at any time of the day.

Purpose: These simple, two-minute mixes have been adapted straight from Ayurvedic texts. They have seen great use and success since ancient times, and are guaranteed to cure away your problems. The above mixes can be used to treat stomach pain, constipation, weak digestion, cough and cold, boosting the immune systems, etc. For a more detailed article on the properties and uses of Harad, check this out.

Recipe 2: Harad-Ghee Powder

Take the required amount of Harad powder and shallow fry it in Ghee. Take care not to burn the powder. After the mix has cooled, grind it to powder form again and store it in a container for future use. The same can be done if one has access to the Harad fruit. Cut up the fruit and shallow fry 5-10 pieces of it in Ghee. Once it has cooled, grind to powder and store for use.  

How to use:  Consume half – one teaspoon of the powder mix twice a day, once after breakfast and once after dinner.

Purpose: Harad has been described as being a potent Rasayana. Regular consumption of Haritaki is believed to boost the performance of the immune system and increase lifespans.

Recipe 3: Harad-Triple Mix for Cough

Take equal parts of Harad powder, Indian Gooseberry/Amla chunks and Liquorice. Grind them together to make a fine powder.

How to Use: Normally, 1-2 teaspoons of the mix is recommended when faced with dry cough. When faced with excessive coughing, consume 2-3 teaspoons.

Purpose: All three individual components of the mix are known for their potent action in treating cough. This mix utilizes Harad, Amla and Liquorice in conjunction to enhance their properties and allow for a speedy recovery.

Recipe 4: Water-Haritaki mix

To a glass of hot water add 1 teaspoon of Harad powder. Stir the powder into the water and let it rest for a while. Once it reaches the lukewarm stage, it is ready for use.

How to Use: Take the lukewarm Water – Harad mix and gargle well.

Purpose: Due to its anti-bacterial activity Haritaki finds use in various parts of life, including the oral hygiene area. Regular gargling with the above mentioned mix is known to beneficial for the teeth and gums. Additionally, this mix also works well in clearing up a sore throat.

Recipe 5: Harad-Butter ointment

Take a spoonful of Harad powder and a spoonful of Butter. Mix the two together until a paste of uniform of consistency is formed. The above mix can be made by substituting the Butter with Vaseline for a similar purpose.

How to Use: Apply the ointment mix over open wounds, after the wounds have been cleaned well.

Purpose: This ointment serves to hasten the healing of open wounds. The anti-bacterial property of Harad also prevents the wounds from being infected.

Recipe 6: Roasted Harad-Jaggery mix

Take around 30-40 grams of Harad powder and lightly roast it over a medium flame. Transfer the roasted powder to a container. To this add the same amount of Jaggery grind it to form an even, uniform mix.

How to Use: Consume a spoonful of the mix when needed.

Purpose: The Jaggery-Harad mix is a sweet and efficient herbal mix that is used to treat acidity and constipation. People suffering from stomach related problems are suggested to consume the recommended quantity of this mix regularly.

Shubhra Kishan is quoted to have said “The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects”. Keeping that in mind, most of the above mentioned recipes can be used to treat multiple ailments. The recipes focus on efficiently curing one single condition or problem. This does not mean that the other properties of Harad stop coming into play. When you consume the Harad-Triple mix, not only does it help in curing your cough, it also helps by boosting your immune system to prevent problems down the line. When you eat the Roasted Harad-Jaggery mix, not only does it relieve your stomach problems, it also acts to reduce the cholesterol level of the body. This versatile herb helps in maintaining your body’s health and curing it as well.

P.S. If making herbal cures on your own is not your forte, simply buy one of our pre-mixed herbal products that will allow you to fully realize the benefits of Haritaki. The Zeo-Malt Key is our very own home mix aimed to cure any stomach related issue. Our Gold Malt is a recipe that boosts your immune system in addition to the other wonderous benefits Harad provides you. Whether it is finding DIY Ayurvedic recipes or products with specific ingredients in them, you can always count on Amrutam.


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