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Don’t worry. A radical detox is not on the agenda this week. Besides, that would only leave you feeling hungry and deprived; A better strategy is to try to give your system a light and delicious spring clean.
So what should you be eating? Fresh, preferably organic fruit, vegetable, and juices will provide a cleansing infusion of nutrients, while whole grains (preferably not wheat-based) and nuts are a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber to stimulate healthy bowel action and leave you feeling light and refreshed.

Food that cleanse

For this week, fill your plate with the following cleansing foods:

Fresh fruit

• Colorful fruits contain a broad range of body-protecting antioxidants, to mop up potentially harmful free radicals. Fruit is also rich in soluble fiber, which helps regulate appetite and blood sugar levels.
• Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein and speeds up digestion, so try to eat a protein and each day.
• Papaya and avocado have excellent cleansing properties and also good for body repair rejuvenation.
• Grapes are good for cleansing the liver and kidneys.


• Choose a variety of colors, flavors, and textures, and combine raw and cooked vegetables. As well as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants vegetables supply insoluble fiber, which stimulates regular bowel function effectively.
• Beetroot is a powerful cleanser and a tonic for the liver.
• Combine celery and apple to remove excess carbon dioxide from the body.
• Raw asparagus cleanses the kidney and bladder.

Also, Include these things in your meals

• Nuts are a good source of protein, unsaturated oils and are full of powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium.
• Take a break from bread and cereals, and instead choose oats (for soluble fiber) and brown rice (for insoluble fiber).
• Live, natural yogurt promotes the growth of healthy bowel bacteria.
• Water is the most important tool in any cleansing program to help flush out toxins, and also to help the body absorb the nutrients from foods. Food is like a sponge: if it is dry, you can’t get the vitamins and minerals from it, but if it is saturated with water it swells and allows all the vitamins and minerals into your body Aim to drink between 1.5 and litters (21/2 and 31/2 pints ) each day.

Meal ideas for an inner cleanse


• Breakfast:- fruit smoothie (soft fruit blended with yogurt and honey to taste)
• Lunch:- char-grilled Mediterranean vegetables with garlic and balsamic vinegar; mixed berries
• Dinner:- stir-fried vegetables, hazelnuts, and brown rice; strawberries and rhubarb poached in orange juice, basil and black pepper-tapped with yogurt
• Snacks:- handful of nuts and dried fruit; juice; a large slice of melon or pineapple; grapes; vegetable crudités with yogurt and mint dip

Detox in a glass  

Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and are a staple of any cleansing food program-but if you can’t face munching all day, you can also drink your greens! It takes seconds to whizz up a fruit or vegetable juice with blender or juice extractor. Here are some recipes to try. Each serves one:

 Vegetable refresher

2 florets broccoli; 2 carrots;
2 stalk celery; 1 tomato;
1garlic clove (optional)

Carrot and apple juice cooler

4 carrots; 1 apple

Papaya and strawberry cocktail

½ papaya, peeled and deseeded; 12 strawberries;
100 ml orange juice

Banana, melon and apricot smoothie

1 banana, peeled;
¼ honeydew melon, peeled;
4 fresh apricots


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