What is Inside Amrutam Spring Wellness Box

Get ready to experience the pure joy of celebrating Holi and the Basant Ritu with Amrutam Spring Wellness Box

The process behind

Our Amrutam Spring Wellness Box is special in many ways. For one, it is a visual delight. We wanted the artistry to signify Spring and its many colours distinctly. 

This wholesome bundle of happiness has everything you need to indulge in the Spring and Holi festivities the traditional way. 

Working on this box and its diverse elements was an extremely immersive process. From brainstorming ideas, browsing through several designs, and carefully selecting offerings that add value and bring you joy, it has been the most fulfilling experience!

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The advent of Spring season

The Spring season or Basant Ritu represents new beginnings, growth and renewal. It is when the flowers bloom; new leaves sprout and the warmth in the air returns slowly. In many cultures, spring is a time of celebration and rejoicing. 

Inspired by this feeling of regeneration and joy, Amrutam Spring Wellness Box is an assortment of all the elements that will give you joy while adding a special touch to your traditional rituals and ceremonies. 

Its aesthetic design and thoughtful elements make it the perfect gift to share with loved ones! The best part? It is low-waste and environment-friendly! 

Amrutam Spring Wellness Box contains: 

💛 Amrutam Dhoop Cones for divine fragrance 

💜 Premium Thandai Syrup for internal rejuvenation and digestion

❤️ Amrutam Herbal Gulal to welcome the colours of Spring

💙 Amrutam Home Purifying Combo that contains Vedic Upale, Wheat Strand and Sarson for ayurvedic home purification

💚 Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack containing Kuntal Care Hair Spa, Ashtagandh Body Lotion and Amrutam Face Clean-Up to indulge in self-care

🤎 A personal letter and a brochure explaining Basant Ritu’s importance and how you can amalgamate the old and new rituals this year.

Amrutam Dhoop Cones 

Amrutam Dhoop Cones are herbal incense sticks made with organic homegrown ingredients like Chandan Powder, Kapoor Kachhari, Jatamansi, Lemongrass, Neem, and Elaichi. 

The divine fragrance stimulates our mind, improves concentration and empowers spiritual focus. Be it traditional pooja, meditation, or study session, Amrutam Dhoop Cones are just PERFECT to use!

Amrutam Premium Thandai

Start this Spring season the right way with Amrutam Premium Thandai Syrup. A traditional and flavourful blend of ingredients like Almonds, Poppy Seeds, Saffron and Raisins. It helps with gastrointestinal irritation, constipation, and overall gut health while energising you for Spring Festivities and Celebrations. Shake well before use.

Amrutam Herbal Gulal

Amrutam Herbal Gulal is made with recycled flowers and is 100%. As per Ayurveda, by connecting with the vivacious colors of the Spring season, we tap into the natural healing power of color therapy that promotes overall health and vitality. 

Amrutam Ayurvedic Home Purifying Combo

Amrutam Ayurvedic Home Purifying Combo is made of 100% natural elements with traditional methods. It contains Sarson, Vedic Upale, Coconut and Wheat Strands that can be used during traditional puja, vedic chikitsa, and festive rituals. Burning these during Hawan effectively purifies the surroundings, creates a soothing environment, and balances the Tridoshas without any pollution.

Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack

Amrutam Personal Care Travel Pack contains Kuntal Care Hair Spa, Ashtagandh Body Lotion and Amrutam Face Clean-Up to care for your skin and hair this Spring season! 

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