The season of rains is here - Last Week at Amrutam, 14.06.2021

Here's a glimpse of what happened at Amrutam last week!

What’s new at Amrutam

  • Many of us – including those with really great hair health – have been experiencing severe hair fall post-COVID. We could attribute it to healing and recovery, but did you know that this phenomenon actually has a name? Known by the name of Telogen Effluvium, this hair is experienced after an average of about 55 days post-recovery. And here’s how you can deal with this!
  • Sustainability has always been at the core of Amrutam’s value system. From using natural ingredients to ensuring minimal plastic in our packaging. We are also using our voice to encourage folks to move to simple lifestyle changes that can lead to big impacts. Like this bamboo toothbrush and herbal toothpaste right here!
  • Our first time engaging in sexual intercourse is an important experience since it helps shape our understanding of what sex is and how it makes us feel. While for some people it is as pleasant and safe as it can be, but others experience painful sensations. Have you ever wondered why does sex hurt? If yes, then we have broken down these simple answers for you!
  • 2021 is the year we are living in, and despite so many revolutionary changes there still remains stigma and taboo about menstruation and period health! Here’s a fun Period Bingo! Take a screenshot and circle the things you do or experience during your periods and tag @amrutamofficial!

A quote we like

“Wokeness has robbed many of us compassion and replaced it with moral superiority.” – Ayishat Akanbi

Amrutam recognitions

  • We are so happy to share with you that Amrutam was recently featured in the June 2021 issue of the World of Hospitality! Our Kumkumadi Oil has become a personal favourite of those looking for a one-stop solution to all skin problems!

Articles you might enjoy reading

  • How to keep yourself healthy during monsoons
  • Everyone awaits monsoons after the scorching summers, isn’t it? Rains are loved by all from six to sixty. Some love the muddy smell of the first rains when the water drops touch the earth. That moment is such a happy moment for the soul. We love to feel the first drizzle and get drenched in rains. But hold on. Monsoons also bring a lot of seasonal changes and illnesses such as cold & cough, indigestion, etc. That is why it is essential for us to keep ourselves healthy. Monsoons reduce our body’s immunity and hence we are susceptible to infections/diseases and sometimes we might feel weak. We can maintain our good health by just making slight changes to our diet. Often it is quoted – watch what you eat, correct? So, it’s really that easy if you follow a good diet.
  • Rediscovering Ayurveda with Muskan Soni
  • Apart from what I stated above, during my first year, I had many experiences that lead to just one conclusion, TO START BELIEVING IN AYURVEDA without questioning its worth. Inspiration for taking the path of Ayurveda wasn’t all of a sudden, it all came from many ups and downs and trial and errors. My professors had a great role in making me believe in Ayurveda though. For instance, I met with an accident and my professors kept advising me to take Ayurvedic medicine, but I denied. Until my wound got worse and I was suffering from that injury for more than a month then. Finally, I accepted the advice of my professor and started applying whatever he asked for. The wound got healed within a week!! So, this is just one example of how I got inspired to take the path of Ayurveda.

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An Amrutam Expert’s tip on health and wellness

  • This week we have our expert from Amrutam.Global Dr. Priyanka Bhusari-Oka sharing her special tips on improving overall health and wellbeing!
  • “I try to have at least one seasonal fruit in a day. I love making different kinds of salads, so I have them at least once a day. I make it a point of taking the stairs and ditch my bike and walk whenever possible.”
  • If you are looking for a holistic solution for your digestive disorders and Ayurveda nutrition, look no further! Book a consultation with Dr. Priyanka on Amrutam.Global today. 

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