How To Keep Yourself Healthy During Monsoons?

Every one awaits monsoons after the scorching summers, isn’t it? Rains are loved by all from six to sixty. Some love the muddy smell of the first rains when the water drops touch the earth. That moment is such a happy moment for the soul. We love to feel the first drizzle and get drenched in rains.

But hold on; monsoons also bring a lot of seasonal changes and illnesses such as cold & cough, indigestion, etc. That is why it is essential for us to keep ourselves healthy.

Kids love splashing waters and jumping in the muddy puddles. But one should be careful as the season could bring along infections, leaving our little one sick.

Monsoons reduce our body’s immunity and hence we are susceptible to infections/diseases and sometimes we might feel weak. We can maintain our good health by just making slight changes to our diet. Often it is quoted – watch what you eat, correct? So, it’s really that easy if you follow a good diet.

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Ayurveda on Rainy Season –

Wondering whether there are any effects on doshas with the onset of monsoons? Yes, Rainy season does have an effect on the doshas. As per Ayurveda, there is an increase in Vata and a mild increase in Pitta during the rainy season. Due to the moistness in the surrounding environment, there is a rise of moistness or coldness in our body too; which results in the sluggishness of digestive fire. This, in turn, leads to Pitta accumulation and simultaneous aggravation of Vata. So, one needs to balance Vata and Pitta doshas. An aggravated Vata leads to symptoms such as joint pain, muscular pain, acidity, loss of appetite, body ache, gas troubles, indigestion, cold & cough, etc. Hence, the imbalance in dosha needs to be pacified with proper diet and lifestyle changes.


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Here are a few tips to maintain good health throughout the monsoon season while you can enjoy the rains with your family.

  • Avoid heavy foods like fried foods, spicy, acidic. Oily foods can disrupt digestion and may cause digestive issues. As the humidity is high in the rainy season, our digestive power goes down. Therefore, try to eat light and digestible meals so as to accommodate a weak digestive system.
  • Avoid green leafy vegetables as it attracts a lot of dirt and humidity. Green leafy veggies are usually tough to digest and are quite difficult to clean during the monsoons.
  • Avoid eating out like street food, junk food and eat fresh, home-cooked meals only to increase immunity.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Eat cooked or steamed vegetables like pumpkin, salads, seasonal fruits, moong dal to keep your digestive tract in check. Also, you can opt for hot soups, yoghurt and buttermilk.
  • Include pepper, salt, ginger, hot water, turmeric, honey, mint, cow’s ghee in your diet.
  • Consume ginger tea, green tea, herbal tea that will help you soothe the throat and keep you warm throughout the season.
  • Exercise regularly. Drink boiled water/ purified water to protect yourself from germs.
  • Take care of your feet not to let their feet remain wet. Keep your nails trimmed at all times. Also, dry yourself if you get wet; do not stay in wet clothes for long. It is important to maintain proper hygiene to keep germs and infections at bay.

Folks, follow these easy peasy tips and enjoy the monsoons to your heart’s delight. Stay safe and stay healthy.




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