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Amrutam Triphala Churna

Amrutam Triphala Churna | Ayurvedic Tridosha Balancer

Rs. 329.00
Amrutam Triphala Churna is a herbal blend of three fruits: Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki, which enhance metabolism, digestive functions, and blood purifying. Primary Benefits Enhances Metabolism and Digestive Functions, Purifies...
Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna

Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna | Ayurvedic Energy Booster

Rs. 319.00
“Ashwa” in Sanskrit means Horse - this name derives from Ashwagandha’s ability to give you energy like a horse. Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna is a natural Ayurvedic recipe that improves both...
Amrutam Bhringraj Churna

Amrutam Bhringraj Churna | Ayurvedic Powder For Hair Therapy

Rs. 319.00
Amrutam Bhringraj Churna is a pure recipe made from freshly sourced Bhringraj from Amrutam Vatika. Bhringraj powder is considered a ‘Rasayana’ or rejuvenator - known chiefly for its incredible effect...
Amrutam amla churna

Amrutam Amla Churna | Ayurvedic Anti-Oxidant

Rs. 329.00
Amrutam Amla Churna is a pure and authentic Ayurvedic recipe that is an excellent source of Vitamin C, brought to you freshly from the gardens of Amrutam Vatika. Primary Benefits...
Amrutam Shatavari Churna

Amrutam Shatavari Churna | Ayurvedic Fertility Enhancer

Rs. 349.00
Amrutam Shatavari Churna is an ayurvedic fertility enhancer with cooling and calming properties that balance Vata and Pitta.  Primary Benefits Treats Symptoms of PCOS like Irregular and Painful Periods, Infertility...
Amrutam Brahmi Churna

Amrutam Brahmi Churna | Ayurvedic Stress Reliever

Rs. 319.00
Brahmi is an Ayurvedic marvel known for improving cognitive skills, stimulating the nervous system, and preventing stress and anxiety. Amrutam Brahmi Churna is the perfect mental detox recipe to declutter...
Amrutam Shankhpushpi Churna

Amrutam Shankhpushpi Churna | Ayurvedic Anti-Depressant

Rs. 329.00
Amrutam Shankhpushpi Churna is a herbal and medicinal recipe for achieving optimal mental health and managing stress, depression and anxiety. Primary Benefits Reduces Stress and Anxiety, Helps Manage Symptoms of...
Amrutam Ayushkey Kwath

Amrutam Ayushkey Kwath | Immunity Booster

Rs. 319.00
Amrutam Ayushkey Kwath is made of potent Indian spices like Tulsi, Dalchini, Sunthi and Krishna Marich and is a highly recommended Ayurvedic recipe to boost immunity and fight against viruses...
Amrutam Jatamansi Churna | Ayurvedic Detox

Amrutam Jatamansi Churna | Ayurvedic Detox Recipe

Rs. 599.00
Amrutam Jatamansi Churna treats insomnia and helps in gut detoxification, cardiovascular vessel detoxification, and anxiety management. Primary Benefits Treats Insomnia, Fights Inflammation, Improves Blood Circulation, Helpful in Gut and Cardiovascular...
Amrutam Harad Churna | Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Recipe | Haritaki Churna

Amrutam Harad Churna | Ayurvedic Anti-Ageing Recipe

Rs. 349.00
Amrutam Harad Churna is made from Harad or Haritaki Herb that boosts immunity, cures digestive tract-related disorders, treats dental ailments and fights oxidative stress. Primary Benefits Boosts Immunity, Cures Digestive Concerns...
Amrutam Marodfali Churna

Amrutam Marodfali Churna | Ayurvedic Recipe for Digestion

Rs. 319.00
Amrutam Marodfali Churna is an Ayurvedic digestive churna made using 100% natural ingredients to treat diarrhea, phlegm, bile-related disorders, itching, worm infestations, sores inside the ears, colic, flatulence, and chronic...
Amrutam Buddhi Key Herbs

Amrutam Buddhi Key Herbs

Rs. 499.00
Consuming a cup of Buddhi Key Herbs relaxes the nervous system, improves memory and concentration and regulates blood pressure.  Primary Benefits Relaxes the Mind and the Nervous System, Boosts Memory...
Amrutam Brainkey Capsules And Brahmi Churna

Amrutam Brainkey Capsules And Brahmi Churna

Rs. 1,318.00
This combo contains Amrutam Brainkey Capsules and Brahmi Churna for mental health and wellness. ● Primary Benefits: Improves Cognitive Skills, Stimulates the Nervous System, Aids in Sound Sleep, Reduces Stress and Anxiety,...
Amrutam B Feral Gold Malt And Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna | For Male Sexual Health

Amrutam B Feral Gold Malt And Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna | For Male Sexual Health

Rs. 2,218.00
This combo contains authentic ayurvedic recipes for male sexual health and wellness. ● Primary Benefits: Boosts Male Sexual Stamina, Improves Immunity, Helps Overcome the Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction, Increases Testosterone...
Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle | Introductory Kit

Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle | Introductory Kit

Rs. 4,256.00
This Ayurveda Lifestyle Kit by Amrutam is the perfect way to get introduced to Ayurvedic practices and recipes. Made with herbs prescribed in the Vedas, this kit contains Ayurveda Lifestyle: The...
Amrutam Herbs Combo

Amrutam Herbs Combo

Rs. 2,345.00
This herb combo contains potent blends to pacify the Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha and improve brain power and boost immunity.● Primary Benefits: Balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Dosha, Improves...
Amrutam Dry And Frizzy Hair Combo

Amrutam Dry And Frizzy Hair Combo

Rs. 3,266.00
This combo contains authentic ayurvedic recipes to manage dry and frizzy hair. ● Primary Benefits: Helpful in Managing Dry and Frizzy Hair, Soothes Itchy Scalp, Stimulates Lustrous Hair Growth, Makes Hair Soft ● Secondary...

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