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Meet Naina Bajaria

Naina Bajaria spent many years dispensing medication to patients after receiving a formal education in Pharmacy. But after realizing that good health requires more than just the treatment of the symptoms, she decided to pursue a more holistic way of living – both on personal and professional levels.

“Amrutam discovered me a couple of years ago when the team approached me for their Rediscovering Ayurveda blog segment. This was back in 2018 when I did my first YouTube video,” says Naina. Needless to add, since our first encounter with her, both Amrutam and Naina have grown together. And exponentially!

“My profound fascination towards plants and natural healing led me to pursue Ayurveda. I went onto enroll in a diploma in Ayurveda at the Ayurveda Institute UK. I have found my journey to be transformational. And I hope to share my knowledge with others and empower them to be the best versions of themselves!”

A Breathing Encyclopedia

She is often described as a road runner given her ability to be quick with her idea and projects! At Amrutam, Naina creates informative and instructive videos for the YouTube channel and also organizes live sessions on Instagram every now and then. Sometimes, she’s also jokingly called an encyclopedia by loved ones because she’s always dropping interesting facts about Ayurveda to them!

Often, we underestimate our own abilities. And all we need is a push to explore our potential to the fullest. I ask Naina what is something that she learned about herself while working with Amrutam and her answers are simple yet so profound. “I have learned that I am capable of more than I think! Team Amrutam always encouraged me to make videos and explore techniques and methods to share the invaluable knowledge of Ayurveda,” exclaims Naina.

“One hobby of mine is to take photos of plants! I just love getting close up and capturing their beauty and then spending some time editing them.”

An Admirable Commitment

Naina is a free-spirited person and shares an uncanny resemblance to Julia Roberts (or so, I feel)!! Her day starts with some water and scribbling her thoughts in her journal. She sings, meditates and sometimes practices Yoga. When she begins her work, it usually involves responding to emails, getting on phone calls with clients, working on projects, along with writing articles on topics that interest her the most! After a long day, she enjoys listening to talks in the evenings while cooking and chatting with loved ones. In essence, she does everything she loves uninhibitedly and that kind of commitment towards the self is not only admirable but also aspirational!

The Vedic texts have had the most profound influence on Naina. She’s courageous and derives her passion to enlighten others from these texts and incorporates natural and healthy living in her lifestyle as much as possible. About her experience and relationship with Amrutam, she says, “I love how they are connected to the grassroots and have inbuilt family-like authenticity. They are so far from the classic commercial corporations I’ve had experiences with.”

“Amrutam truly wants to share Ayurveda in all its vastness not leaving anything out. Coupled with their passion for reaching out to the youth, sustainability, music, art, and so many other things. Their efforts are honest, respectful and absolutely genuine.”

Affinity for the Arts

Naina has her eyes set on setting up space of some sort even though she’s not yet sure of what will fill it. But she knows that music, art, Ayurveda, and of course, her precious plants will be part of it! She also hopes to put on some pounds this year. And of course, to make a more conscious effort to give back to Mother Nature.

“I feel honored that I am an Amrutam contributor. Also excited to be part of a movement to bring back Ayurveda in India to younger audiences.”

On Amrutam’s relationship with Naina, Stuti Ashok Gupta adds, “It is almost like finding a lost family member settled in a different time zone, across continents and yet so well aligned.” She stumbled upon her work and instantly felt the need to connect. Her values and principles are so well in sync with what Amrutam does and believes in. There is an unsaid understanding about what we offer to one another, and of course, to the community – that is to explore paths to living a more nourished, more holistic life, says Stuti.

Why should people be part of #AmrutamFamily, I ask her? Because they are so lovely and diverse, she says. Surely, not many are blessed with Naina’s innocence and good-heartedness.

Naina has a message for our readers –

“Always look beyond and behind everything you read and hear. See what is behind it – because there is always a level of consciousness there – once you start to follow this everything falls into place.”

We are deeply grateful for Naina’s efforts and her incomparable contribution to helping Amrutam bloom!


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