9 Amrutam Ways to Wake Up with Positive Energy every Morning

Waking Up with Positive Energy

Do you always get late while going to bed and end up waking with a lazy mood? You feel tired in the morning, even when you have slept early. Has it started to become almost impossible to wake up with positive energy in the morning?

Is your to-do list never ending like ours? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things that you need to get done with by the end of the day and that overwhelming feeling; does it take a toll on you in the morning..? Does it?

Starting your day with positive vibes is important..How to do that when there seems to be an endless burden of the world on your shoulders?

Here are few Amrutam Amazing Hacks to wake up with positive energy and set your mood right for all that your life demands for.

#1 Breathe

Breathe. As soon as you wake up, just breathe. Do not try to shrug away thoughts by jumping into snapchat or insta stories. Breathe, observe your breathe and observe your thoughts. The way you are feeling in the morning can determine your mood for the entire day. Do not let yourself dwell into unnecessary anxieties of the social world.

#2 Create your Dream Journal

A couple of years back, I was sitting in a Dream Analysis Workshop and it was quite exciting. Does it sound exciting to you as well? To be able to have your dreams analyzed, to know what they mean. If you want to know what your dreams mean, the step one includes recollecting your dreams and that could be a slightly difficult step- especially if you are waking up late. Create a Dream Journal for yourself, start writing everyday what you dreamt of- this way you would be able to gather your thoughts and also your dreams would begin to make more sense to you.

#3  Think Happy

Our thoughts are interlinked with how we feel about things. The very first thoughts after waking up in the morning are capable of defining how we feel throughout the day. And, it is a choice. It is a choice always. It is a choice how you wish to think and feel. You can wake up and think about all the things which are pulling you down in your life or you can think about things, moments and memories of all that has been dear and lovely to you. You can think about everything that has ever made you smile. You should make the right choice this morning.
Choose the things which make you happy.

#4 Be Grateful

We all have heard about the great proverb- “Half Empty or Half Full”. It’s often that we like to see the glass half empty. However, how often it is that you take out time to be thankful for all things you have in life, which make your life better. Take out time to be grateful; to be thankful for people you have in life who loves you, for food you have to eat, for nice weather and for things which make you feel happy and good about your life.

#5 Relax your Body

It is important to relax your body. If you do not provide sufficient relaxation, your body breeds stress and anxiety. You should make sure that you include sometime for self-care in you every day in schedule. Take out time to do yoga or take a nice long massage, whatever works for you to relax your body.

#6 Let it Go

A Research suggests that we think about almost sixty thousand thoughts a day. The endless numbers of neurons in our brain are always acting, telling you something or the other. It is important to let them go, because sometimes they might be too much for us to handle. A lot of burden for you to think about everything together- money, friends, romantic relationships, career and sometimes it is important to let them go. Also, taking two spoons of Brainkey Gold Malt every day can help you deal with your worry and stress.

#7 Read Something Inspiring

A happy part of your morning routine can be reading something inspiring, every morning after waking. It could be reading inspiring quotes. It could be reading an inspiring article. It could be reading an inspiring book. In fact, even listening to your favorite song can help to motivate you in the morning.

#8 Ask yourself

Ask yourself what you would like to do this day, today. To make it a wonderful day. Think about it and plan it. Think about the things you would want to do today. It could be related to your work, or taking care of you grandmother or just about anything from painting to a football game.  Ask yourself what would make you happy today. Think about make you happy today. Plan it and do it.

#9 Smile

Smile. Just as its written on the greeting card “Keep Smiling”. It`s a great habit to start habit to start your day with smiling. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin in your brain which are the happiness hormones. And there is nothing like starting your day with happiness. Wake Up. Smile and live your day.